Covid-19 Sales and Marketing Strategies


Covid-19 Sales and
Marketing Strategies

Being strategic about your marketing now can help you keep and secure new business down the road.

Baker Marketing’s team has over 20 years experience in strategy and planning at all levels.

This crisis has led us to reconsider the way we can help clients, and develop new tactical approaches to marketing.

Our team is leveraging it’s research-based approach to marketing to understand the changes in consumer behaviour and the new challenges for business and commerce brought on by COVID-19.

Immediate Marketing Response Plan

We can help you rethink, react and review your business and marketing strategy to thrive through this crisis in five easy steps.


Assessing the Impact

Before creating a plan of action, we’ll work with you to understand the scope of the changes brought on by the pandemic to your business and forecast what’s to come.


Researching & Rethinking

We’ll research your sector and review your current marketing activities to plan your specific needs that have emerged from COVID-19.


A Future Strategy

We’ll modify your current marketing strategy for the future and advise on a way forward for both your current and future target audiences. Being strategic about your marketing now can help you secure business down the road.


Marketing & Sales Activity

We’ll provide you with an actionable marketing activity schedule so you have something tangible to implement.


Final Recommendations

We’ll talk you through the way forward so you have a clear direction through the COVID-19 pandemic.


The COVID-19 Marketing Response Plan
$2,500 + GST

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