WordPress security tips: Log out from everywhere but here with one click

log-out-wordpressIf you’re really serious about your blogging as a marketing tool, it will mean that from time to time you log in via a computer in a hotel or cafe while travelling, or even at a friend’s place.

Next time you’re just back from a holiday or conference or some other away-from-home event, here is a really simple way to get peace of mind when it comes to website security.

WordPress has an inbuilt, remote, log-me-out button.

How to log out from anywhere in the world

One of the security risks we face in the online environment is absentmindedly forgetting to log out of our WordPress websites when we’re hurrying to slip in some website updates or a new blog while away from our main computers.

It could be in a hotel or at a friend’s place.

The safest assumption to make is that every computer we use is compromised in some way or will be soon.

So next time you’re back at your home base after doing website updates on the road, follow these steps to make sure you’re logged out properly.

  1. Go to Users
  2. Click on Your Profile
  3. Scroll down to just underneath the New Password section
  4. Click on the button labelled Log Out of All Other Sessions (your current session will NOT be affected – I’ve tested it)
  5. Relax

Just another simple security feature of WordPress.