WordPress 4.9 is here, have you noticed, have you upgraded yet?

If you’ve been diligent with your website maintenance, you will have noticed that WordPress 4.9 is here.

If you check for updates weekly, or have our WordPress Maintenance Package active, your website will already be sporting the latest version of WordPress.

If not, please attend to the update as soon as possible.

In this day and age, you need all the odds in your favour when it comes to fighting predators online, and keeping your site’s content management system, plugins, and theme up-to-date provides the first level of defense.

What’s so interesting about WordPress 4.9?

It’s fair to say that if you have someone, like your Baker Marketing consultant, looking after your WordPress site, most of the changes in WordPress 4.9 won’t affect you directly.

Many of them relate to managing design changes and identifying coding errors and potential coding errors.

However, there are three changes you might like to use in your daily management of your site.

The new WordPress gallery widget

In the widgets area of WordPress, the developers have continued adding more goodies.

In this case, they’ve added a gallery widget, to the recent additions of image and HTML widgets.

This simply means that if you want a gallery to appear in your sidebar or footer area, you can now build one in a widget, just like you can in a Page or Post.

Press a button and add media to your text widgets

The new text widget has made adding text boxes to widget areas much easier, in recent updates.

We can now work in in text widgets as easily as we do in Pages and Posts, but there has been one hiccup.

Adding media still required getting URLs for items and pasting them into place.

Now, text widgets have the ease and power of Pages and Posts by having the Add Media button in the menu.

You can embed images, video, and audio, directly into the widget along with your text.

Easier to change menu items

Something we are often asked to help with is rearranging items in menus.

However, when you need to make changes or add or delete items in menus, the WordPress team has worked on the workflow and improved the usability.

You should now be able to make those changes yourself, knowing you can always reach out for help if you get stuck.

So, in summary, WordPress 4.9 does a lot of work under the hood where you might not notice it but in at least these three areas, above, you’ll find your website work just got a whole lot easier.