Tune up your AMP settings with Yoast Glue in WordPress

I’ve written before about the importance of having your WordPress blog AMP-ready so that your articles can be indexed and served up by Google in its Amplified Mobile Page format.


Well, today, I am suggesting you should now tune up those settings even further by adding a new plugin, Glue by Yoast.


This new plugin (yes, I don’t like going heavy with plugins but this one squeezes nicely in between the cracks and holds important elements together) makes it possible to tie your AMP efforts together with your general SEO efforts so you meet Google’s needs while protecting your AMP pages from appearing as duplicates of or original articles.


Let me explain.


The story so far with AMP pages


You might recall, a while ago now I urged you to install the simple AMP plugin by WordPress that makes your blog posts available to Google in a new, lighter method they are now favouring in searches done on mobile phones.


In the article, Google says AMP up your WordPress blog for better SEO, I explained what AMP pages are all about and why you need to activate your AMP plan now.


The short version is, it is good practice to have your WordPress site AMP-ready, to safeguard your positioning in relation to mobile-based searches.


Tuning your AMP settings with Yoast Glue

AMP and Yoast Glue working together on a blog by Patrick Patrick

The AMP version of one of my previous blog posts.

I have long been a fan of the Yoast SEO plugin for making SEO diligence easy when you are blogging.


The Yoast team is pretty good at staying ahead of or in line with the curve when it comes to keeping your WordPress site technically in tune with the always changing demands of Google and the search engines.


Most recently, it was noticed that when your site gets AMP ready, there is a risk the AMP version of your article might be counted as a duplicate version of or non-AMP version, or vice versa. This is bad news for search engine optimisation because it splits you ‘Google juice’.


In response, the Yoast team released Glue, a new plugin that adds an AMP section to its menu inside your site and lets you:


  • Be protected from duplicate content errors; the plugin speaks Google’s language to clear that one up
  • Easily tidy up the look and feel of your AMP pages to stay in line with your site’s design; raw AMP pages look bleak to keep load times as fast as possible but this plugin lets you sneak in a logo and some colours with relative ease
  • Provide a field for dropping in your Google Analytics code to ensure AMP pages count towards your overall site traffic
  • Add custom styling for your AMP pages to breathe extra life into the deliberately austere format


The Glue plugin also gives you the option of turning on underlines for links on AMP pages and recommend doing so.


I know it is ‘cool’ to drop underlines for desktop and laptop screens but I believe the clear standard of underlines for links on small screens is good netiquette, making it easier for your readers to know where and how to click through to further resources.


So there’s some helpful homework for the week for keeping your WordPress blog up to speed in the world of Google and SEO.


Photo: Glue by Roadside Guitars via Flickr. BY CC BY-SA 2.0