The world helps those who blog themselves

start blogging to beat robot jobs Image: ABCTwo things have prompted me to become even firmer in urging people to start blogging and they boil down to the insight that a blog can be a powerful way to help you find employment.

I hear some of our readers thinking, I don’t need a job because I own my own business, but I think we all know the world can change in an instant and we never know what is going to take place tomorrow that could change our lives drastically.

With that in mind, here is some food for thought to prompt you to either resume or start blogging.

It’s not what you know it’s whether the world wants it

I had a long chat with a father on the weekend who was telling me about his brilliant son who is an experienced electronic engineer but cannot find work.

Apparently, unemployment for engineers is quite high because the world market is flooded at the moment, especially with graduates from emerging economies who are happy to work for lower wages.

I asked whether his son was blogging to build a personal brand to which the father replied his son was more of a behind-the-scenes person and doesn’t like being out front and centre.

This is something I hear a lot, from professionals and even from business people; they’re too timid to put opinions and insights into the public sphere for fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed. But the alternative is anonymity.

In the case of the engineer, a regular blog commenting on articles from his field of endeavour would be an invaluable asset to get him noticed or at least sharpen his ability to talk about current engineering issues when in a networking situation.

And with our curation or reflex blogging system I announced last week, the job of running some industry commentary has just gotten a whole lot easier (I’m doing it right now).

Danger! Danger! Robots are coming

The other prompt for this article was coming across an ABC report from June, Almost 40 per cent of Australian jobs could be replaced by technology by 2025, report finds.

In this piece we are warned that many jobs will disappear from the marketplace in the next 10 to 15 years.

CEDA chief executive Professor Stephen Martin said the world was on the cusp of another industrial revolution being driven by technology, and it was not just low-paid, manual jobs at risk. “What we’ve found is that going right through to dentists, and clergy and chemical engineers — and, dare I say, even editors or newspaper proprietors and, heaven forbid, even economists — all of these are in grave danger of perhaps outliving their usefulness,” Professor Martin said.

To me, the discipline of blogging regularly within or about your industry will not only keep your ‘value’ high but will also force you to stay on top of trends and developments, giving you extra insight and warning about changes so you can develop your plan B.

So whether you’re thinking about your personal job finding prospects or just wanting to boost the visibility and relevance of your business or organisation in your marketplace, this week might be the perfect time to resume or start blogging.