Terrifying US Cop Re-defines Branding and Brand Loyalty

Branding, Brand LoyaltyThis week I came across a new level of brand loyalty.  Ninensm World News reports that Louisiana based Lieutenant Clay Higgins (also known as Cajun John Wayne) has issued warnings via social media platform YouTube to defend his favourite burger bar.  Stelly’s restaurant, a favourite with Lieutenant Higgins and his Sherriff was burgled and they are clearly not happy. A gun carrying Lieutenant Higgins’ YouTube video warns of severe consequences for the villain who committed this felony.

Depth of Branding

After reading the article and watching the video I was overwhelmed by the level of brand loyalty displayed for Stelly’s restaurant.  The first thing that struck me was that, should Baker Marketing ever be burgled,  how proud I would be if the local constabulary were to post YouTube videos warning the bad guys that they had picked on the wrong marketing company.

Branding Louisiana style

How do you achieve such a strong brand and an extreme level of brand loyalty?  Well this is literally the million dollar question.  Is it the ample parking spaces for pick-ups? Or is it the generous gun racks that accommodate rifles, shotguns and personal rocket launchers?  Perhaps it’s the 52 different secret spices on their Cajun Chicken burgers.

I am not completely sure.  However, I suspect that in the case of Stelly’s restaurant it may be that they are doing a mighty fine job of satisfying both of the two main broad categories of needs. Namely, the ‘Head’ and the ‘Heart’ needs.  That is, consistently selling dam fine cheese burgers, with fast service, a smile and a pleasant word.

Branding and Brand Loyalty in Five

Here are some suggestions of how you might increase the levels of brand loyalty to get closer to Louisiana levels.

1.    Start with a plan

Complete your marketing plan including the most important planning and decision-making areas such as market segmentation, selection of your primary target market and definition of your desired brand positioning.

Completion of this alone will put you in a good position to understand and cater for the needs of your primary target markets.

2.    Understand your customers ‘Head’ and the ‘Heart’ needs

This is where you need to carefully analyse all that is important to your primary target market in the context of your business and what it can deliver.  You will have already given a level of consideration to the needs of your primary target market when completing your marketing plan.

However, in order to command extreme brand loyalty we need to delight and care for our clients at an exceptionally high level.

This means taking a disciplined and structured approach to thoroughly analysing the ‘Head’ and the ‘Heart’ needs of your primary target market.

If you need help with Need Analysis check out our previous articles.

3.    Plan to Love and Delight your Customers

Prepare marketing activity schedules that take advantage of your knowledge and analysis of your customer needs.

You need marketing activity schedules that will help you develop and execute the specific initiatives and programs to consistently satisfy your customers ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’ needs.

The specific initiatives and programs in your marketing activity schedules may span:

  • Regular communication and key messages
  • Product and service development
  • Range offering and assortment mix
  • Venue and atmosphere
  • Customer service
  • Quality assurance
  • Many more value adding initiatives that are relevant to your customers

4.    Integrate and Share the Love

The next step is to make sure that your passion for sharing the love and delight with your customers is integrated across the whole of your organisation.

In this case, integration means ensuring that all staff, procedures and infrastructure and/or resources integrate and reinforce your key marketing messages, initiatives and programs.

This will help avoid ‘chinks’ in your Armour where one area of the business fails to get the ‘memo’ and fails to satisfy the ‘Head/Heart’ needs of your target customer.

5.    Benchmark and Measure your performance

Firstly, when bench-marking, you need to ensure that your planning is thorough and pointing you in the right direction and you have a good grasp of what is important to your primary target market.  Then you just need to make sure all of your good thinking gets acted on.

The idea of bench-marking and measurement is that you monitor your own sales and marketing execution to ensure that your customer’s most important ‘Head’ and the ‘Heart’ needs are being met.

This is where you do a ‘stock-take’ up front of current performance and then meticulously measure and monitor your brands execution.

Where to next?

Many businesses are starting from a low base in terms of ‘Branding’ and ‘Brand Loyalty’.  If this is the case then it might be some time before you experience brand loyalty levels that involve gun-carrying uniformed police offers defending your brand (A.K.A. Brand loyalty Louisiana style).

However, the above suggestions are steps that you can implement from today that result in consistently high levels of customer satisfaction which one day may be high enough to earn you a threatening YouTube video.

Please contact us at Baker Marketing if you would like any help with increasing your brand loyalty, your marketing planning or any other aspect of your marketing execution.