The staycation method for better website writing and blogging

Have you ever wished you could produce better website writing or lift your blogging to a new level?

If you answered ‘yes’ but you inspiration has run aground, maybe it’s time to learn from my staycation method for inspiring better website writing?

As recently as yesterday, I was sitting with some business owners who were at risk of just ‘piling a few words’ onto the various pages of their website to ‘cross a job off a list’.

The irony is that they (just like you) are sitting on gold mines worth of story ideas; they just need to dig from a different angle, or at least with a holiday mode mindset, to tap into rich veins of blog and marketing content.

Staycation – a fast track to discovering what’s right under your nose

Over the Easter long weekend, my family and I had a ‘staycation’ (a vacation in your home city) at a property right on the waterfront at West Lakes.

I’d driven past the area hundreds of times in my past, been tortured in stand still traffic exiting Football Park aka AAMI Stadium more times than I care to remember, and even worked at John Martins at West Lakes during my gap year after high school.

And yet in all that time, I had never discovered the beauty and the simple joys that sat just 50 metres away; peaceful water in that swamp-reclaimed lake, quieter environment away from the main roads and the slower pace that water frontage tends to manifest in many of us.

This is exactly the sort of discovery or rediscovery that leads to new ideas for writing.

The question is, how can we harness this experience for our marketing?

Better website writing is just a staycation away

As I sat with the business people who were planning to launch an accommodation business in one of the regions of South Australia, I asked them to imagine what it would be like to be visiting their property for the first time.

As with all of us, when we are close to something for a long time, we begin to take our insider knowledge for granted and we develop blind spots.

The challenge for us all is to ask ourselves the naive questions of a first timer, either of somebody contemplating our product or service, or somebody who has chosen us but now has follow up questions and needs.

My staycation opened my eyes to how much West Lakes is NOT just another suburb.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find the time to stop and rediscover your business’ products and services like someone encountering you for the first time.


For example, as these soon-to-be tourist operators told me about their facility and what they do in the surrounding areas when they are working there, my blog/story eyes lit up.

They were going to certain local wineries for particular specialities, they were frequenting a certain grocer for particular gourmet treats, they were in awe of the town’s main street for particular businesses and culture.

They got it. They are now looking at their region with the eyes of a stranger and will start doing better website writing as a result.

Perhaps you might need to find some time to paddle a kayak at West Lakes to find some inspiration for your renewed effort at blogging about your business? I know some good spots 🙂