The type of content you should create depends on the platform you are using, the customers you are targeting and your social media marketing strategy. In our last blog, we talked about how to “flirt” with a social media marketing platform to choose the right one for you and your business. This time we will show you examples of what that “flirtation” looks like.

Engaging your ideal customer is like finding the perfect social setting to start your flirtations.

For your social media marketing strategy to pay off, you have to fit into your surroundings and visit the same places as your ideal match. Adapt your message and thrill your audience with every word and piece of content you publish.

This is an essential survival strategy in the dating and digital marketing world.

Your ideal customer may like to hang out on Facebook and have intimate conversations while sharing details of their life. If so, it becomes an excellent place for you to meet your customers and engage them in conversation.

With 1.5 billion people on Facebook, each with an average of 200 friends, you have an instant social network of prospects to engage. Add to that the ability to dig deeper into your fan base and understand who your customers are, with the use of Facebook Insights. Using Facebook in your social media marketing strategy becomes unparalleled in its potential. Much the same as a killer pair of red Louis Vuitton shoes!

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Social Media Marketing Strategy on Facebook


Facebook is great for customer interaction and engagement; especially when you use video, posts and shares to expand your reach. All businesses have fantastic potential to harness the full power of Facebook and create a viral marketing experience to increase sales and improve ROI. Take this post for example.

Baker Marketing Social Media Marketing Strategy


This post leaves an impression because it is fun, engaging and subtle. You are asking people on Facebook to do what they love – have an opinion. However, you are also creating engagement with this post that goes far beyond your existing fan base.

Without trying to sell anything to your fan base, you have instantly engaged them in your brand and business personality. Your social media marketing strategy on Facebook does not need to be apparent. Being a little bit coy in your engagement is okay.

Sharing a post that asks for people’s opinions gets your brand noticed. It starts people talking and engaging with you on social media, which means your business will have exposure to a whole new circle of contacts.

This post a bit of fun, however, you can use this type of marketing strategy to ask more in-depth questions of your fan base. Asking questions gives you an inside look at customers opinions and needs. And once you have that inside look you can use it to your advantage to target your customers directly.

Facebook creates a personal connection with your fan base that can have a powerful impact on your business. Still, it is essential to keep your content and strategy fresh. Facebook allows you to post images, video, quotes, personal profiles, live and behind the scenes look at your business. Use all of these content ideas to keep your page fresh and entertaining.

Facebook is a place where people go to relax and be entertained. If your business can achieve this with its content, then your social media marketing strategy is a winner.

Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy on Instagram




Instagram is great for high-quality visual stories. If you are a business with products to showcase or amazing graphics, then Instagram is the place to be. As part of your social media marketing strategy, Instagram is the leading contender when it comes to brand engagement. In fact, users of Instagram are more open to branded content than on any other social media platform.

Human beings are naturally visual creatures; which is why Instagram allows your marketing efforts to be absorbed 60,000x faster than text and retained for much longer.

If you use social media marketing for your business, but no one remembers your message – did it even happen?

Instagram allows you to chat with, follow and comment to increase engagement with your brand. This interaction and connection develop a must have network of engaged fans that will promote your business.

The Sweet Patisserie

Image by Wall_Food_10408 by Michael Stern via Flickr CC BY 2.0
Social Media Marketing Example

Enter this week’s competition by tagging your photos with #sweettooth and be in the running for a romantic dessert platter for two.

A social media marketing strategy, utilising hashtags on Instagram, is effective because your product and profile are promoted and seen by people who are not in your immediate circle (followers). Creating an offer which uses hashtags is a great way start trending on Instagram and reach more customers.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for storytellers. This makes it a powerful asset in the digital marketing world of Adelaide because people are drawn to stories. Storytelling is simply a part of our nature as human beings, we all have a story to tell, and it is crucial that you make sure your brand’s story is out there.

Social Media Marketing Strategy on Snapchat

Social Media Marketing Strategy on Snapchat




Snapchat is attractive to a younger demographic. It allows you to showcase a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of what you do on a daily basis. This creates customer engagement and brand personality.

Allowing your fan base to see what you do behind the scenes creates transparency which ultimately leads to trust. This is a great way to build a strong brand following.

A fantastic example would be for a clothing store to create their own geofilter for customers to use while trying on clothes.

(example: Lilly Pulitzer has custom geofilters for each of their retail locations)

Social Media Marketing with GeoFilters


These snaps would then be sent out into the ether and attract more customers by enticing them into the fun world of shopping!

While creating your own geofilters to be used in a specific location is an amazing idea, Snapchat has a power that most businesses have never thought of before – Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to promote your brand and business. Connecting with influential people on a personal level will encourage engagement and reach a wider target audience. It can offer you more than your social media marketing strategy ever dreamed of.

The most prominent idea behind Snapchat marketing is to understand your audience and then learn how to engage with them through the eyes of your brand.

Social Media Marketing on Pinterest


Social Media Marketing Strategy on Pinterest





Pinterest is great for concise information displayed graphically and in long form. The curation of content, ideas, and inspiration can all be grouped through theme and organised and stored for later.

93% of people on Pinterest say that they use this social media marketing platform to plan their future purchases; which is why this social media marketing strategy needs your attention.

The ability to create different boards relating to topics, themes, products and services that you offer as a business is an amazing way to give your target marketing clarity about your brand. But it goes so much further than this.

Pinterest is all about making life easy for your customers and prospective customers. My favourite quality about Pinterest is the ability to add the Save button to the content on your website. This feature allows visitors to your site to save content to one of their boards, and reread it later.

This also means that your content is now visible to everyone on Pinterest following that board – all with a link back to your website. With Pinterest the possibilities are endless.

Baker Marketing Social Media StrategyThis feature allows visitors to your site to save content to one of their own personal boards, and reread it later. This also means that your content is now visible to everyone on Pinterest following that board – all with a link back to your website. With Pinterest the possibilities are endless.

Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Social Media Marketing Strategy on Twitter



Twitter is great for real-time/instant updates. When you need to interact with other users in short, concise and sometimes entertaining Tweets, Twitter is the platform to base your social media marketing strategy around.

A social media marketing strategy on Twitter would not be complete without a plan to link with industry thought leaders.

The ability to use short, concise posts, videos and images mean it is a great way to make direct contact with key people in your industry.

Twitter posts are fast and witty and very engaging, this also makes them highly shareable. Creating a list of thought leaders or potential customers that you would love to work with on Twitter creates an inclusive social media marketing strategy. Use this list to build a relationship and connection with industry thought leaders or customers you would like work with and post relevant and helpful content that will appeal to them.


Baker Marketing Twitter

Businesses who need to share instant live updates and have an immediate two-way conversation, also get a lot out of this platform because of its immediacy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

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