Sharing your blogs socially: Are you the Dr Who of Facebook marketing?

Doctor WhoBear with me today, as I unravel a topic that sits in parallel universes and involves time travel that will make even a time lord like Dr Who dizzy.

It involves best practice for sharing your blog posts with your Facebook community, and the latest change Facebook is applying to your habits.

A particular scene in the first episode of the latest series of Dr Who prompted today’s post.

If you are a mad, keen Whovian who has not seen the Deep Breath episode, come back to this article once you have because this could be considered a spoiler.

Who is Dr Who?

The title of today’s post plays with the concept of being unknown (who?) at one level, and being a time traveller (old methods becoming kosher again) on another.

And the final scene of Deep Breath seems to meld these two concepts artfully.

Firstly, the previous Dr Who, Matt Smith, is on the phone from the past to his companion, Clara Oswald, while the new Dr Who, Peter Capaldi, stands by. The new Dr Who is coming to terms with being in an old body and fretting that Clara seems repulsed by the change.

That set up covers the time travel, but the ‘who’ aspect for us as marketers, is summed up in this poignant pleading by Capaldi to his young companion, Clara:

You can’t see me, can you?
You look at me but you can’t see me.
Do you have any idea what that’s like?
I’m right here, standing in front of you.
Please, just …
Just see me

A simple change to Facebook sharing to keep yourself ‘seen’

To safeguard yourself from the angst that Peter Capaldi captured so elegantly in his debut as Dr Who, here are the latest tips from Facebook itself on how to share links to your blog posts on your Facebook Page.

The first one change involves HOW you share links to your blog posts.

Over the past 12-18 months, you would have heard me suggest that sharing a photo from your blog post with a link to the post in the photo caption, was outperforming other methods across the many Facebook Pages we manage for clients.

However, that is about to start getting penalised because Facebook masters claim that too many people click links shared this way and return quickly, dissatisfied.

So it is time for us to return to the ‘Matt Smith’ method and begin sharing links the way we used to in the beginning of the Facebook era.

This means that when you have a link to a blog post to share, you should write your short, enticing reason you believe we should read it, paste in the link to let Facebook build the link preview box, and then share with your community. Personally, I delete the URL once Facebook has created the preview box, which then looks like this:


According to Facebook this is much more satisfying and much safer for users because they get to see the title of the blog you are linking to and the opening sentence or two, plus the image of course.

The other change coming through, which should not effect our clients because we have always frowned on the practice, is when you post a teaser image and ‘bait’ people to click through to reveal the full image, etc.

This practice is being clamped down upon viciously (and good that it should, too).

May the Facebook be with you!