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How To Optimise Your Blog Articles To Increase Sales

Want To Increase Sales? Optimise Your Blog!   As any marketing company in Adelaide will tell you if you want to increase sales and enhance brand awareness, then you need to increase traffic to your website.   But, how do you do it? That’s the tough question....

Brand Positioning: How To Make The Right Impression Immediately!

Brand Positioning is about creating the perception in the minds of your target customers that your brand/business can satisfy their needs and wants. Brand Positioning is not only a critical part of your marketing strategy, but it can also sometimes be one of the most difficult and most subjective concepts to grasp.



Baker Marketing offers a wide range of marketing training, seminars and workshops designed specifically for start-ups, micros and small-to-medium businesses. These business education workshops are offered around Adelaide/South Australia and Nationally throughout the year. Some of our workshops are run in conjunction with other host organisations and others are run directly by us at our Hackney Office in Adelaide.

When we have events scheduled, this will be the page where we share links and further information so you can register into specific workshops.

Don’t see the topic you want? Seeking a custom workshop? Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your needs! Please contact us to receive updates via email, request a topic of interest or to engage us to run a workshop for your organisation.


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