Preparing your WordPress website for Google Knowledge Graph search results display

knowledge-graph-wordpress-adelaideGoogle is getting smarter by the minute.

Understanding this plain fact has served me well because it has governed my marketing seminars and client work since 2004 because when you treat Google with respect, you can focus on preparing content that the search giant will happily share with others and ignore the shrieks of horror as competitors get punished by Google updates.

However, Google is about to get smarter yet again with its new Knowledge Graph.

Here’s what it is and how you can prepare for it.

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

In the marketing world over the past few years, you might have heard me or other practitioners refer to your ‘social graph’, which is a way of understanding who you are socially based on all the various connections you have to other people and companies online.

Google’s knowledge graph is a powerful way of holding and displaying data based on all the different contexts each piece of data has.

In other words, Google has been learning from us as we search so that its machines can grasp the different reasons why someone might be searching on ‘Da Vinci’ for example; the artist, the Da Vinci code novel, etc.

Here’s an overview.

Why should we care about Knowledge Graph?

The reason we should be taking note as marketers of our brands is that we need to make our content Knowledge Graph-friendly so that we can remain relevant to Google search results well into the future.

This means our content should not only be written for the humans we are trying to connect to, but it should be structured in a framework that helps Google understand its broader context easily.

From our WordPress perspective, one of the simplest things we can do to start on that journey is use a plugin such as SEO by Yoast which can lead us through the setup process for laying down the foundations for Google.

Knowledge Graph basics

Most contemporary WordPress websites we’ve developed in Adelaide have this plugin installed by default.

The latest update to this plugin just working through the WordPress world at the moment can guide you through the set up for Knowledge Graph. Simply go to

  1. SEO > General and click the Info tab
  2. Next, choose Company or Individual as the option that best categorises your site for Google
  3. If you choose Company, upload a square version of your logo, approximately 800×800 pixels big.
  4. Then go to SEO > Accounts and make sure you have entered all the links or usernames to any social media accounts you have such as your Facebook Business Page, Twitter account, etc.

With those tasks done (if you’d prefer, just ask the Baker Marketing Adelaide WordPress team to do it for you for less than $100+GST for existing clients) you can then make sure you’ve ticked off your other Google due diligence tasks, namely:

  • Have a Google+ account for your business
  • Claim your Google+ local listing
  • Create a YouTube channel for your brand, especially if you create media content as part of your business or organisation

As always, we’re here to help you as your outsourced marketing department so feel free to email your Baker Marketing consultant directly, or chat to Josie in the office to plan your attack.

Finally, here’s a taste of how this will be promoted to consumers/users.