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Something pretty blogRewarding your consumers

Businesses are increasing their push in the marketplace to tell you how successful they are or are becoming, how they are the number one choice and why would you want or need to go anywhere else? And to add to the pressure they can now do this in real time.

But the truth is their success will always lie in the hands of the consumer.

Through all our marketing efforts we have actually taught the consumer to hunt, they are time poor and the market is saturated…and now they are out for not only the best deal, but what else will you give me if I choose you?

We are on a path of rethinking what it is to reward consumers, when we should reward them and what does this look like.

From little things, big things grow…

Sometimes we are too busy striving for what we don’t have, we take the existing for granted, and we all know how good it feels to be acknowledged and appreciated.

So do your customers.

So instead of pushing, asking, begging or perhaps pleading with them, why not reward them for their loyalty, thank them for coming and build and strengthen that relationship.

Consider ways in which you can claim and gain brand loyalty from your existing database by reconnecting with them through social media and the online world. We now need to create more intuitive offerings to retain brand loyalty and continue to receive love and commitment from this highly distracted audience.

Consider multi-media avenues, competitions and reviews, encourage feedback and interaction – give to receive. No matter what the data and analytics are telling you, the one that will keep the consumer is your commitment to the brand promise you made all those years ago that first made them look.

Many things can cause a brand promise to wavier – change in staff and training, quality of product or even market demands may shift.  Whatever the shift, you must be dynamic, evaluate your customer experience and respond to it, be strategic in your planning and never forget the little guy because in 5 years he could be running the store.

At Baker Marketing we know how to say thank you, and if you are wondering how or even when is the best time to thank and reward your customers, why not drop in and ask … the coffee is on us.

[Photo by Streetwrks.com via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons]