Of frogs and blogs: Does your marketing tease or do you satisfy your customers?

of-frogs-and-blogs-and-marketingI saw a video featuring frogs being attracted to footage of some worms on the weekend and it made me shiver.

That simple video captured everything that is wrong and right about marketing, blogging and content creation in general.

Take a look at the video first, and then I’ll unpack some insights that will hopefully let you get your tongue around some protein like a frog catching a fly.

The video that says so much about marketing today

Here is the video. Just watch the frogs through this process.

Frogs go ludicrous when they see a video of a worm Likee ” Flap Jack ” for more videos

Posted by Flap Jack on Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogging lessons from frustrated frogs

Firstly, the good stuff.

This video captures the essence of what marketing is about and, therefore, about what blogging and other forms of content creation should be about too.

At a fundamental level, marketing and marketing activity like blogging should be about attracting interest among our potential customers about something of value to them so they will consider you when they’re ready to take action.

But, sadly, in this video, all the frogs get is a whipped up appetite and then a bruised tongue as they are moved to action only to hit a glass wall.

Take the great leap forward in your online marketing

The smartest way to keep content marketing on track is to apply the principle of putting yourself in the place of the frog.

How would you feel after having your interest aroused but finding you fell for trickery or superficiality? Hopping mad, I would guess 😉

Some rules of thumb discerned from the frog’s experience would be:

  • Don’t promise something you cannot deliver, which means not using those nauseous ‘buzzfeed’ style headlines that trick you into curiosity only to deliver the same ol’ content ‘lite’ (like Our New Banana Gelati Was Tasted By A Zookeeper, Her Reaction Will Amaze You)
  • If you’re going to outline something interesting, at least give a substantive taste (like these rules of thumb, for instance)
  • Give some clear direction to readers about how they can take the next step, whether it is something they can do on their own or whether it is directing them to something very specific to buy from you or to have you help them with

My clear direction to you (and me) from today’s article is to go back to some of your past blog posts, website copy, Google Adwords ads, Facebook posts, tweets, videos, photo captions, etc, and look at them through the eyes of ‘your’ frogs.

Would they have been satiated or would they have limped away bruised for wasting their time?

If it’s the former, keep doing it. If it’s the latter, try modifying some old material for practice and then applying your new approach from this day forward.

Hop to it! And if you’d like some help, just ask us because that’s what we’re here for.