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Baker Marketing ChinaMarketing to China is now a more attractive, and viable, option for Australian businesses than ever before.

Whether you are looking to reach the Chinese community here in Australia, get your message to Chinese tourists planning their trip or seeking to export into one of the world’s largest consumer markets, there’s opportunities for almost every business seeking to improve their marketing to China!

When it comes to export, the 2015 China-Australia Free Trade Agreement signaled the start of an exciting era, opening new doors for Western businesses to crack into the Chinese marketplace. Many Australian brands are already achieving success and quickly building China into their largest export market. By leveraging your organisation’s advantages and strengths, and taking advantage of export grants currently offered by the Australian Government, China could become a profitable market for your business as well.

Reach China to grow your business

  • Tap into the largest consumer market in the world with a hunger for quality products and experiences
  • Cater to growing demand from Chinese customers in AUstralia and abroad
  • Minimise the effect of seasonal fluctuations in local sales
  • Increase sales and profit
  • Reduce risk and balance growth through diversification

Is your business ready for the Chinese market?

Many companies wrongly assume that the same marketing approaches and campaigns they use elsewhere will translate as-is to the Chinese market. This is rarely the case as tastes and preferences are different to other markets and even vary widely across the country’s 56 ethnic groups as well.  With a population so large, diverse and with vastly varying levels of affluence, the right strategic approach to marketing to China matters.

That is why having a trusted marketing partner with relevant expertise and cultural understanding is so essential. A carefully considered marketing plan coupled with culturally appropriate execution is critical to save your business from making costly mistakes and help you achieve success with Chinese prospects and customers.

Why use Baker Marketing for your marketing to China?

Baker Marketing can assist you with all your Chinese marketing needs – underpinned by sound strategy, partnerships with Chinese firms, and cultural insight.

We can help with every part of your China marketing:

  • Chinese Marketing Strategy: Reach Chinese consumers with effective approaches and advertising
  • Export Strategy and Planning: Ensure your brand building and marketing activities are optimised from the start
  • Chinese Translation and Localisation: Communicate to Chinese customers the right way
  • WeChat/Weibo Starter Pack: Establish and optimise your WeChat and Weibo social media accounts
  • WeChat/Weibo Maintenance Pack: Publish effective content and manage interactions on WeChat and Weibo
  • Chinese Website Setup: Connect with prospects and customers more quickly via a Chinese site hosted in Hong Kong or China
  • Baidu Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing: Increase your reach to your target market segments on China’s largest search engine

Not sure if exporting to China is right for you? Get a feel for it through our Taste of China workshops. Ready to get started with your export planning? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can get you ready for the Chinese market!

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