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Outbound marketing, also referred to as traditional marketing, is one of the largest and most familiar categories of marketing activities. Outbound marketing is the process of initiating the conversation with prospects by sending out your message to a potential audience. Examples of outbound marketing include TV and radio commercials, print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, flyers, brochures and sales.

The popularity of some forms of outbound marketing is declining thanks to the increased effectiveness of inbound marketing channels (i.e., where the customer finds you, for example, by searching online). But many parts of outbound, especially sales activities, are still a vital component of the marketing mix.

Sales marketing activities, including presentations, pitches, tradeshows, cold calls, seminar series and events, are powerful and important tools for many businesses, especially those in business-to-business services and heavy industry.

The capacity to effectively convert prospects into clients, however, is one of the most universally critical needs of every organisation.

Improving your sales means improving the bottom line

  • Make sales easier with better presentations and advertising materials
  • Increase the effectiveness of every touch point
  • Streamline your sales funnel for faster conversations
  • Convert more leads into paying customers
  • Drive revenue and profits

Why use a sales and outbound marketing specialist?

Isolating outbound marketing activities, including sales, away from your other marketing efforts can leave a major gap in your conversion pathway, costing you countless opportunities. And as outbound marketing techniques are getting less and less effective over time, the cost of splitting your traditional and inbound marketing efforts is higher than ever.

Making the most of these activities requires both creativity and strategic know-how.

And no matter how inbound your approach to marketing, if you cannot convert the sale, you cannot grow.

An external professional will be able to help you to review your processes and systems for issues and ensure all your marketing is working to get you to your goals.

Why use Baker Marketing for your outbound marketing and sales needs?

At Baker Marketing, we know that sales and marketing depend on each other. That’s why we work with you to ensure your sales and outbound strategies are carefully tied in with your overall marketing plans to get the most from all your efforts.

We can help with every part of sales and outbound marketing:

  • Sales Strategy Planning: Develop a plan with all the right steps and more sales will follow
  • Sales Management Planning: Ensure your systems and targets will work for your business and your team
  • Conversion Pathway Review: Improve your entire sales funnel, from systems and scripts to sales nurturing to sales objections
  • Distribution Planning: Find the right partners to take your product to market locally or globally
  • Distributor Management: Ensure your distributors have the tools and motivation they need to grow your business like it was their own
  • Competitor Analysis: Understand where you stand compared to your competitors and the market
  • Advertisements and Promotions: Maximise your ROI with the right messages in the right mediums
  • Training and Consulting: Improve your skills and get advice on your sales practices with our tailored training and consulting services

Need help improving your sales performance? Want to tie your marketing efforts closer to the bottom line? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help you with your sales and outbound marketing!

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