Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning AdelaideMarketing planning is the process of developing a strategic marketing plan for your business.

Having a plan backed by strategy ensures you get the most out of your marketing by helping to identify goals, clarify priorities and drawing the necessary boundaries needed to avoid tangents and overspends. Following your plan carefully once it is developed will keep you focused on the right target market and key messages. It also commits you to the schedule you need to succeed.

While traditional marketing planning is notorious for being extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive, more modern approaches to marketing planning streamline the experience. By focusing on the most critical decision areas, the marketing planning process becomes simpler, faster and more outcome-oriented. This results in a less expensive process and the development of meaningful ‘action plans’ outlining what must be done to help your organisation reach its goals.

Get the most out of all your marketing

  • Ensure your efforts are mapped to your objectives
  • Develop and maintain the right focus
  • Tie your marketing activities to your strategy
  • Budget the right time and money for your promotions
  • Avoid costly side-tracking

Why use a specialist for your marketing planning?

While it’s easy to develop a potential ‘to-do’ list of marketing items, without a strategy-backed plan you run the risk of spreading your marketing efforts too thin or focusing on the wrong areas. Likewise, with the perpetual increase of new technologies, new ideas and new opportunities, the lack of a scheduled plan makes it all too easy to end up wasting time and money on the wrong projects.

The process and resulting strategy of professional marketing planning will help you develop a strong, cost-efficient approach to marketing for your organisation carefully tied to your goals.

Working with a marketing strategist to take you through the process helps ensure that you identify the best plan for marketing to the customers you most want.

Why use Baker Marketing for your marketing planning?

At Baker Marketing, we are marketing strategy specialists with a proven track record of developing well researched and structured marketing plans uniquely tailored to individual business needs.

We can help with all your marketing planning needs:

  • Target Market Selection: Identify the primary and secondary market segments with the most potential for your business
  • Market and Competitor Analysis: Understand what you are up against to plan for success
  • Brand and Pricing Positioning: Determine how your brand and pricing strategy will work in the market
  • Marketing Channels Selection:  Discover the right platforms to reach your prospects and clients
  • Marketing and Promotions Action Planning: Develop a plan designed to deliver the results you want for the budget you have
  • Market Plan Review: Ensure your marketing plan grows with your business

Need a strong strategy and solid plan for your business’s marketing? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help you develop your marketing plan!

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