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Marketing like Chess Strategy and Tactics Done right, marketing will drive your business from milestone to milestone. But having the right help through dedicated marketing management is critical to keeping you on-track and moving forward.

Generally speaking, the purpose of marketing management is to develop, establish and maintain marketing strategies to meet organisational objectives. This also includes the effective on-going management and analysis of all marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

As marketing is one-half art and one-half science, the key to great marketing is striking a balance between the two. Marketing specialists blend the art of marketing (the creative, visual, story-telling side) with pure marketing science. The end result is better marketing: backed by strategy, informed by data and fed with creativity. Marketing management takes this approach in every activity, ensuring your business’s marketing is continually monitored and improved.

Dedicated marketing management takes your marketing further:

  • Ensures your marketing is effective and productive
  • Provides strategic guidance and planning
  • Improves budget management and analysis
  • Coordinates and monitors all marketing activities
  • Frees you to work on other areas of your business

Why use a professional marketing manager?

Marketing management is usually the responsibility of a marketing manager, who is tasked with the effective execution of all marketing activities in a cost-efficient way.

But many organisations and start-ups forego a dedicated marketing manager, instead relying on a non-specialist. Marketing may be only one of many hats for this person and among all their responsibilities, marketing is frequently the first thing to slip.

Just like a personal trainer will help keep you honest and on track at the gym, a dedicated marketer will help keep your marketing plans focused and ensure your marketing tasks get done.

Whether you are looking for on-going marketing support, or just need a specialist to help up-skill you in a few areas, working with a professional marketer can do wonders for growing your business.

Why use Baker Marketing for your marketing management?

At Baker Marketing, we are marketing specialists first and foremost. Our team apply marketing strategy in everything we do to deliver you quality outcomes on every project, every time.

We can help with all your marketing management and marketing consulting needs:

  • Marketing Strategy Planning: Ensure your marketing meets your business objectives with the right plan for now and into the future
  • Marketing Implementation: Get your marketing activities completed on-time and on-budget
  • Marketing Operations Management:  Professional review of what’s been done, what needs doing and what needs adjusting to continually improve your marketing
  • Special Projects: Engage the right expertise for important and major marketing projects
  • Campaign Analysis and Optimisation: Monitor results and apply data-backed changes to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Training and Consulting: Learn the basics, keep up with the latest technology and changes or just get advice on ways to improve your marketing with our tailored training and consulting services

Need to review where your marketing stands? Have a specific area where you want advice? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how our marketing management services can help you!

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