Government Grants for Business

There are various Government Grants available for small-to-medium sized businesses in South Australia and throughout Australia.

Some of the grants or funding programs are from State Government Agencies while others are from Federal Government Agencies. We have provided a summary list below of the most common ones that we assist clients with. This list only scratches the surface of Grants out there so, if you are interested in finding grants for specific projects, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide you with a quote to complete a ‘deep search’ for your business or project.

We have split the grant programmes into States or National, for your convenience.

Please check back regularly as this list will be continually updated.

Please contact us to find out more and/or discuss how to commence an application for your business.


South Australia: 


1/ Small businesses and start-ups – in the Playford, Port Adelaide Enfield and Salisbury council areas:
with less than 20 employees


Small Business Development Fund

  • Established as part of the Northern Economic Plan, the Fund gives small businesses and start-ups exclusively in the Playford, Port Adelaide Enfield and Salisbury council areas the opportunity to apply for financial support through two dedicated Grant programs over three years.
  • Program Objective: to create jobs in northern Adelaide by helping to fund the growth plans of small businesses.


Start-Up Business Grants:

  • Funding: up to $20,000 is available to people starting a new business or purchasing an existing business in northern Adelaide on a competitive basis
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Has not operated a business in the past 12 months; 
    • Carry on the majority of the business’ trading activity and have its trading premises located Northern Adelaide
    • Can contribute 1:1 matching funds towards the start-up costs or purchase price
    • Completes an approved business fundamentals training course
  • Merit Criteria:
    • The practicality and achievability of the business proposal/plan
    • The capacity and capability, including management capability, of the applicant
  • Timeline: Applications for both Grant programs are now open (from 1st July 2016 – 30 June 2019).


Business Expansion Grants (operating for over 1 year):

  • Funding: between $10,000 and $100,000 is available per business to support activities that grow small, established businesses on a competitive basis
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • be a small business, defined as employing less than 20 full-time equivalent staff
    • not be majority owned by a business entity which employs more than 20 full-time equivalent staff
    • carry on the majority of the business’ trading activity and have its trading premises located Northern Adelaide
    • can contribute 1:1 matching funds towards the project
    • have been in operation for more than one full financial year
    • have an ABN and be registered for GST
  • Eligible expenditure:
    • Any expenditure that will result in the creation of new direct jobs within 12 months of the execution of the funding agreement. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • Purchasing capital equipment required for growth
    • Introducing new products or services
    • Business expansion
  • Exclusions: Costs of routine business activities, such as (but not limited to):
    • Routine or seasonal marketing costs
    • Routine accounting costs, including the costs of audit certificates
    • Routine rental costs and expenses
    • Routine utility costs
    • Routine training costs
    • Travel expenses not directly related to the purpose
    • Payment of wages/salaries.
  • Merit criteria:
    • Direct job creation in northern Adelaide, based on the amount of grant funding required per job created
    • The capacity and capability, including management capability of the applicant to successfully create the new jobs.
  • Timeline: Applications for both Grant programs are now open (from 1st July 2016 – 30 June 2019).


2/ Manufacturing:

Business Transformation Voucher Program

  • The Business Transformation Voucher Program (BTVP) supports businesses to enhance their profitability through diversification, process improvement and innovation.
  • Eligibility Criteria: an applicant must:
    • be a financially viable Australian manufacturing business with a majority of its business conducted in South Australia
    • have been in operation for longer than 12 months
  • Funding: Vouchers/Grants of up to $50,000 are available for South Australian manufacturing firms on a competitive basis.
  • Eligible Expenditure:
    • Stage 1: Funding will support a targeted review by external experts in areas such as:
      • developing new business models
      • undertaking relevant research and development
      • accessing training for strategic business development
      • purchasing specific capital equipment for enhancing process efficiency or process capability.
      • Costs of routine business activities are not eligible for funding
    • Stage 2: Funding will support the implementation of the specific recommendations for improving profitability
  • Timeline: Applications will be continuously assessed throughout the year with outcomes notified within six weeks of lodgement.


3/ Exporters or potential exporters:

Export Partnership Program

  • The Export Partnership Program is a competitive grant program which provides funding assistance for small and medium-sized businesses to access new global markets through marketing and export development opportunities
  • Eligible activities:
    • research feasible overseas markets; develop marketing material for distribution overseas; participate in international trade shows, trade missions and overseas business programs; adapt websites for specific international markets; access cultural and export training, mentoring and coaching services; support incoming buyers.
  • Funding:
    • Successful applicants may receive up to a maximum of $50,000 to assist with export activities. Companies can apply multiple times until they reach the full $50,000 allocation.
    • Grants of up to $5,000 are also available to aspiring exporters for coaching and mentoring expenses.
  • Eligibility Criteria: See full list on website. Main Criteria includes:
    • operational for at least two years and have an annual turnover of more than $100,000.
    • have a current export plan
    • intend to trade products or services made or grown in South Australia, or be able to demonstrate their benefit to South Australia’s economy

Contact Emily Toon at Baker Marketing for further information about Grants in South Australia: 8352 3091 or

Northern Territory: 

1/ Small to Medium Businesses – T.O. over $75,000

Business Growth Programs

  • Eligibility Criteria: See full list on website. The Main Criteria includes:
    • a minimum turnover of $75,000 per annum
    • traded financially for a minimum of one year
    • registered for GST
  • Business Solutions: 
    • Expert face-to-face advice, providing tools/strategies/resources that will enable the business to address the issue at hand.
    • Funding: 80% to a maximum of $4,000 (GST Inclusive)*
  • Technology Solutions: 
    • The final report will assess the technology used in the business and identify new technology systems, processes, software and hardware that will increase the productivity and improve the bottom line.
    • Funding: 80% to a maximum of $4,000 (GST Inclusive)*

2/ Not-For-Profits & Indigenous Businesses

  • NEW Programs Coming Soon – for Not-For-Profits and Indigenous Business – contact us to find out more

Contact Emily Toon at Baker Marketing for further information about Grants in South Australia: 8352 3091 or

National – All States & Territories: 


1/ Exporters or potential exporters: 


Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) – Austrade

  • The Export Market Development Grant is an Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current Exporters.
  • The grant provides organisations with cash rebates for overseas marketing expenditure.
  • The grant is designed as an incentive to encourage Australian exporters to develop overseas markets for their goods and/or services (including tourism and education).
  • The grant provides reimbursement of approximately 50% of the eligible expenditure incurred to a maximum of $150,000 per annum.
  • Applicants must be Australian resident entities with a total annual turnover of less than A$50 million and must have spent at least $15,000 in overseas marketing.
  • EMDG is a non-competitive grant program which means if you are eligible and make an application you will receive a grant.
  • You can receive up to 8 grants in total (i.e. over 8 years, can be non-consecutive)
  • Grant round opens on 1st July annually

Contact us today to find out more or to obtain a quote for assistance with completing an application.


2/ Business with T.O. of more than $1.5m [or $750k for remote and NT-based businesses]

Entrepreneurs Programme

  • To be eligible for any of the below Entrepreneurs Programmes, applicants must meet each of the eligibility criteria detailed on their website. We have summarised the main criteria below:
    • satisfy one of the following:
      • be operating in one or more of the Growth Sectors: Advanced Manufacturing; Food and Agribusiness; Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals; Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; and Oil, Gas and Energy Resources; or
      • provide Enabling Technologies and Services to one or more of the Growth Sectors; or
      • demonstrate they are committed to, and have the skills, capability, intellectual property or expertise to operate in, one or more of the Growth Sectors in the future.
    • have an annual turnover or operating expenditure within the following thresholds:
      • between $1.5 million and $100 million; or
      • between $750,000 and $100 million for applicants from Remote Australia or Northern Australia.
  • Business Management
    • Business Evaluation – Assessment of your business resulting in a detailed report and recommendations for the business to implement improvements to assist with growth [free service]
    • Business Growth Grants – After completing the Evaluation, you can apply for a grant to assist with funding support from consultants to implement the recommendations from the report. Your business will be reimbursed up to half the cost of engaging the consultant, to a maximum of $20,000 (excluding GST)
  • Research Connections – helping small and medium businesses collaborate with the research sector to develop new ideas with commercial potential
  • Accelerating Commercialisation – helping entrepreneurs, researchers, start-ups and businesses address key challenges in the commercialisation pathway of bringing novel products, processes and service to the market


3/ All Organisations – operating for 3 or more years


Industry Skills Fund

  • The Industry Skills Fund comprises of the following components:
    1. FREE OF CHARGE Skills Advice (Components of a Training/Workforce Development Plan) for eligible firms.
    2. Assistance with an application to the TRAINING GRANT of the ISF.
  • The Fund targets firms which plan to upskill and reskill their workforces to better position themselves for growth opportunities.  A business will be considered as ‘positioning for growth’ if pursuing new business opportunities that fall into one or more of the following categories:
    • diversifying into new or emerging markets and/or;
    • adopting new or emerging technologies and/or;
    • entering export markets for the first time and/or;
    • responding to significant new domestic market opportunities and/or;
    • repositioning because of market-driven structural adjustment.
  • Eligible to solvent Australian enterprises:
    • Non-tax exempt, incorporated
    • ABN
    • GST registered
    • Three-Year Trading history
  • What funding is available through the Training Grant?
    • If successful in applying for an Industry Skills Fund Training Grant, the amount the business/firm will have to co-contribute will depend on how many Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees they have.
    • They will required to pay the following percentage of the total project cost:
      • Micro Business (0 – 4 FTE employees) – 25%
      • Small Business (5 – 19 FTE employees) – 34%
      • Medium Business (20 – 199 FTE employees) – 50%
      • Large Business (200+ FTE employees) – 75%
    • Please note that co-contributions must be in cash.  In-kind contributions will not be accepted.
  • Contact us today to map out a Marketing / Sales or Export Training and Mentoring Program for you or your staff

Contact Emily Toon at Baker Marketing for further information about Grants in South Australia: 8352 3091 or



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