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Export MarketingFor many businesses, export marketing is an appealing option. The benefits that new prospects and markets hold can be huge for growth and the bottom line. Looking abroad can generate more sales, increase profits and increase your reach to customers.

But careful consideration is necessary before you begin exporting.

Establishing what potential your products or services have on an international basis and assessing this against the strengths of your current and potential competitors is a daunting task. So too is developing relationships with various trade and industry contacts you will need. Identifying the right importers, distributors, brokers, and regional wholesalers to work with you is critical to creating a sustainable platform for export success.

A solid strategy can streamline your export marketing, highlighting the most preferred and promising markets and determining the best approach to set your export marketing efforts up for stellar success.

Export can open an exciting new chapter

  • Create a new and highly profitable stage in your business growth
  • Access new consumer markets, hungry for quality products and services
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Develop new relationships with industry professionals who can help you grow locally and abroad
  • Diversify your revenue streams
  • Relieve issues with local seasonality and cash flow

Why develop an export marketing strategy?

How well a brand manages its entry into a new market in terms of product, price, placement and promotions can often make or break its success.

Exporters without a cohesive marketing strategy often resort to using different service providers to carry out various marketing activities, leaving key marketing decisions in the hands of others. A scattered approach like this can lead to many problems, cause conflicting brand positioning and suck dry profits!

A tailored export strategy will clearly define your approach to export, helping you target the most profitable markets while avoiding costly oversights. By working with an experienced exporter to develop your marketing strategy, you will gain better insight into the full export process, tap into their existing industry contacts and utilise their cultural knowledge of the market you are approaching, setting you up for success.

Why use Baker Marketing for your export marketing?

At Baker Marketing, we have experience acrossthe full export cycle and many different regional export market locations including the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, China and South East Asia.

We can help with all your export marketing needs:

  • Export Marketing Strategy & Planning: Identify the right markets and create a solid plan to make the most of your exporting efforts
  • Market Research: Gain better insight about your prospects, customers and competition
  • Distributor Recruitment: Find the right strategic fit and your new export broker may well become your next best friend
  • Distributor Management: Ensure your distributors have the tools and motivation they need to grow your business like it was their own
  • Overseas Sales Missions: Deliver your key communication messages and pitches to the right people in the right way
  • Overseas Trade Shows: From planning and preparing to on-the-ground representation, make your trade shows successful no matter where they are.
  • Distributor Showcases: Get in front of specialist distributors looking for new products for their sales channels who are ready to sample your wares.
  • Export Funding Applications: Put forward winning applications for Government funding available to current or aspiring exporters.

Want to learn about export opportunities for your business? Need help help getting access to funding? Check out what Government grants are currently available or contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help with your export marketing!

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