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Communications StrategyMarketing communications and PR are some of the best ways for organisations to deliver key messages into the market.

Creating and executing a successful communications and PR strategy increases positive exposure for your business. Increased market awareness leads to more opportunities for sales and growth by attracting the right prospects and converting them into loyal customers.

And in the digital age, planning your approach to communication is more critical than ever.

While traditionally communication and PR were solidly in the control of the organisation, social media and the internet have changed this dynamic. Now, unless you are driving it, the conversation about your business can happen without you even being involved. By developing a strategic plan for your marketing messages and public image, you can take back control and win the support of your desired audience.

Strategic communications and PR helps you grow faster

  • Drive more interest in your business
  • Improve your reputation and brand awareness
  • Grow your audience of potential consumers
  • Increase the reach of your key messages
  • Create buzz for major projects and launches

Why use a marketing service for your communication and PR needs?

Many businesses only think about communications and PR for major events or in times of crisis. But having a clear, honest and data-driven communications strategy in place is critical to creating meaningful on-going interactions with your clients, prospects and the broader public.

Ensuring that your strategy is carefully linked to your business objectives and overall marketing plan is the best way to get the most leverage out of your public image and media exposure. And with the increasing importance of social media in PR management, having a plan will keep you ahead of the conversation, not struggling to catch up.

Working with a professional marketing service to plan and manage your communications and PR will help you establish and grow your business’s presence, increase your audience and drive more profitable action all year round.

Why use Baker Marketing’s communication and PR services?

At Baker Marketing, we help you identify your strategic communications and public relations needs as a part of your overall marketing plan, ensuring a unified approach that’s simply more effective.

We can help with all your communications and PR needs:

  • Communications Strategy Planning: Establish a solid foundation for your communications and PR efforts
  • Target Market Selection: Identify the market segments with the most potential for your business
  • Content Strategy and Planning: Ensure your key messages are supported by content across every platform
  • Copywriting: Develop powerful written copy that works for customers, media outlets and search engines
  • Media Presentation Preparation: Improve your presentation skills and materials to shine in the spotlight
  • Media Releases: Create and distribute media blasts that get your business the right attention
  • Event Planning and Management: Make your events memorable with creative planning supported by sound project management
  • Product and Business Launches: Unveil your new initiatives in style to jump start sales and growth
  • Social Media Integration: Boost your reach by tying social into your PR and communications

Want your messages to reach further and with more impact? Need help with an upcoming project? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help you with communications and PR!


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