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branding-umbrellasYour brand represents your business to the world, so getting your brand strategy right is a critical part of your marketing. Your brand should create a strong, lasting impression with your existing and potential customers.

Your brand needs to be as distinctive as a human face, distinguishing you from your competitors and conveying your organisation’s personality.

Brand strategy focus on creating a holistic brand. This is achieved by deliberate selection of the visual elements (such as your logo, colours and typography) and strategic elements (such as your desired positioning, voice and communications) that combine to make your brand. Together, these components create your business’s identity. Done right, the result is a brand that wins attention, hearts and minds.

Your marketing identity starts with your brand strategy

  • Define how your organisation looks to the world
  • Consistently represent yourself across every platform
  • Increase awareness and trust
  • Unify your online and real world activities and personas
  • Create brilliant and enduring impressions

Why use a a marketing service for your branding?

If your brand isn’t meeting your business’s needs, it may be because your brand is only skin deep.

Brands aren’t built by accident, but through careful planning and strategic decisions. While graphics are an important element of creating your identity, brand strategy needs to look at the bigger picture of who you are and what goals you are trying to achieve. By tying together the most important elements of your marketing strategy into your brand planning, a marketing service will be able to define a new identity for your business or refine your existing one to work better for you and your target market.

Whether you’re a start-up business looking to create your mark or an established organisation in need of a re-think, working with a marketing specialist will help you get your branding and brand strategy right.

Why use Baker Marketing for your branding?

At Baker Marketing, our team is made up of strategic marketing experts and experienced graphic designers who work together to make your brand strategy shine.

We can help with every part of your branding:

  • Branding Strategy: Get every part of your brand right and working together
  • Rebranding: Update your image to better meet current trends and your market’s preferences
  • Logo Design: Develop a logo that works wherever your brand is on display
  • Graphic Design: Create beautiful marketing resources that are always on-brand
  • Written Style Development: Find the right voice and written style to represent your organisation
  • Marketing and Packaging Materials: Make the most of your brand with effective online and offline marketing and promotional materials
  • Style Guide Development: Ensure your brand is represented correctly and consistently

Is your brand giving the impression you want? Need to align your brand with your marketing strategy? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help you with branding and brand strategy!

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Image by Rob Wilson on Flickr (CC by 2.0) edited by Mark Gamtcheff.

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