Margie Cunneen, Christopher Smoot, and all you other creeps can leave: WordFence’s live traffic report for WordPress sites

Who’s that knocking on the door, it’s got to be a quarter past four, is it you again, coming round for more?

If you’ve got ‘creeps’ trying to log into your WordPress website, you don’t need to be like Rod Stewart and make a song and dance about it, you just need the WordFence plugin installed.

One of the reasons I like using this security plugin is the Live Traffic report that is always there in the background.

So here’s what WordFence does and how it can single out your ‘creeps’.

WordFence is a fence around your WordPress site

WordFence is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you extra control over who gets into your website.

I would say WordFence is one part bouncer, once part army and one part ASIO, in the way it shields your WordPress site.

As a bouncer, WordFence keeps tabs on who is trying to enter your website and if they’re using wrong tickets, it kicks them out. More on this shortly.

As the army, WordFence does have inbuilt tools that let you defend your site from unwanted insurgents by blocking their IP addresses (blocking activity from the web servers people are using to try to access your site). It also does a host of other things to keep you safe, which I will address in a later article.

As ASIO, WordFence has features like Live Traffic that can show you who is visiting your site right now and trying to login. And this is my focus today.

Keeping strangers out of your website

I was with a client yesterday who was curious as to why she was getting a number of notification emails about attempted logins into her website.

What she was seeing were reports from WordFence about the ‘creeps’ it was keeping out of her site.

Luckily for her, we can turn various messages on and off and she’ll no longer see the parade of bad people and robots trying to access her site illegally.

We did also see some astounding attempts at guessing her username.

Apart from ‘admin’ which should be a BIG NO NO when it comes to usernames on your website [see my earlier article here], some potential hackers from China [IP:] and Vietnam [IP:] were using these wonderfully ornate usernames:

  • Margie Cuneen
  • Christopher Smoot
  • Monte Vallejo
  • Betsey Weir
  • Marcia Winterboth

I particularly like Marcia Winterboth because it reminds me of a melodrama character I played in a primary school theatre production.

Amusement aside, what this live traffic view shows us is how real and unrelenting the flow of attackers is out there on the internet, and how important it is to keep your WordPress website safe.

If you’re a little unsure how your site would fare against these marauders, reach out to our team at Baker Marketing and we can perform a security audit for you and apply our suite of preferred security tools.

When should you do this? Rod Stewart thinks ‘Tonight’s the night’.

Image by Ivan David Gomez Arce via Flickr