Major sporting event comes to town: how your sporting club can capitalise

Happy Chinese New Year – I wish you all the best for the year of the Monkey!

The Women’s Australian Open Golf Tournament is upon us (18 – 21 February), so I thought it would be helpful to share some tips about what you can do at your local sporting club to capitalise on a large event in your sport coming to town… from a marketing perspective, of course (unless you do want any golf swing tips?).

Adelaide and Australia host many large sporting events annually which provide not only an economic benefit to the state and country but also an opportunity for you to benefit from the ‘hype’ of the sport before, during and after the event.

Below is a list of things your sporting club could implement to assist in growing your club’s membership, community and, in the long-term, revenue.

Before the event:

  1. Give away tickets to local businesses / local schools via a competition (hint: helps grow your database)
  2. Give away tickets to your members for the best player or team in a given week
  3. Team up with a local sports shop (or your clubhouse shop) to provide specials to members on equipment/merchandise etc.
  4. Schedule clinics with your club pro/coach for members and non-members (men, women and children)
    • promote these clinics via your database/social media/local paper/local schools
  5. Schedule activities at your local schools
  6. Localised Marketing:
    • Letterbox Drop promoting clinics/membership/happy hour/specials etc.
    • Targeted Social Media Marketing – Geographic areas and age demographics
  7. Blog about the event on your website (helps with website ranking as Google promotes topical content higher than usual)
  8. Packages for tourists – country and interstate:
    • Team up with your local hotels and tour companies
    • e.g. play golf at Glenelg Golf Club while you stay (at The Grand) and attend the Golf Tournament
  9. Packages for country clubs / driving holiday-makers
    • e.g. if you’re driving over to Adelaide from Melbourne, stop in for a game on your way to the event at Bordertown.

During the event:

  1. Arrange to have a professional player at your club the week of the tournament – they could run a clinic, hold a round table discussion for VIP members, have a game with some juniors, speak at a breakfast/lunch or dinner event for members etc.
    • Don’t forget to ask them to share their experience on Social Media e.g. Instagram photo, Tweet or Facebook post (and then your club should share these posts on your Social Media pages)
  2. Be part of the promotion at the event – Is there a State Sport Stand e.g. Cycling SA to promote your club:
    • Prepare your materials (flyers / sales pitch / props)
    • Invite the public to attend something at your club, like a clinic, open day or family day
    • Hand out flyers about your club / club pro.

After the event:

  1. Schedule an open day or family day at your club
  2. Continue other activities (as per above pre-event):
    • Schedule clinics
    • Schedule activities at your local schools
    • Localised Marketing
  3. Review which marketing activities worked and which didn’t and start planning for an even better effort at next year’s event.

There are lots of opportunities for your club to benefit from a major event in your sport.

Remember, the key to effective marketing is:

quality communication x frequently seen x reaching the right people = engagement/sales

See you at ‘The Open’ next week 🙂

Photo courtesy of Golf Australia.