How to make text into a hyperlink the hyper easy way in WordPress 4.5+

One of the many changes and tweaks in WordPress 4.5, which rolled out recently, was a new, more elegant way of creating making text into a hyperlink.

To try to match WordPress’ newfound elegance, I will try to keep this article as brief and easy to read and follow as possible.

Will it be hyper easy? One can always hope.

How to make text into a hyperlink in WordPress

The best way to start is by writing out your text so you have your ‘anchor’ text already on the page.

For example, our leader, Patrick Baker, was recently on The Adelaide Show Podcast, and I would like to share that link with you so you can hear him.

At the moment, the words I want to use as the hyperlink text, are now on the page.

The next step is to hold my cursor over them and select them. It will look like this.

text into hyperlink 1

Figure 1. Highlight the text

Next, I click the Insert/edit link icon in my WordPress menu.

text into hyperlink

Figure 2: Click the Insert/edit link button

Once I have clicked that, a box will open under the text I had previously selected to become the hyperlink. In that box, you can paste in the link to the page you want to send people to once they’ve clicked.

NOTE: If you are sending people elsewhere inside your website, you can just type a word or two into the box that match the title of an existing Post or Page inside your side. When you have found the item you want, click to select it.

text into hyperlink select

Figure 3: Paste URL and click the gear icon

Just before you hit that blue arrow icon to apply your link, click the little settings cog on the right and click the box that says Open link in new tab if you would like to link to open in a new tab in your browser. This is my recommendation when linking to external sites.

text into hyperlink new window

Figure 4: Select Open link in new tab

Now, voilà, your page has a beautiful link in its text to titillate the Google spiders and help your reader discover related content with your recommendation.

text to hyperlink in wordpress

Figure 5: After publishing your Page or Post, admire your hyperlink