Is your LinkedIn company profile linked in to your SEO goals like your blogging?

Linkedin Marketing AdelaideNo matter what changes online, the basic principles of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, will remain steadfast which is why blogging via your WordPress website will always be an important discipline.

However, the discipline and focus we maintain when blogging, needs to be matched across our online marketing channels and today I have LinkedIn in my sights.

I was prompted to write about this by a short video the LinkedIn team put together to guide marketers through the LinkedIn SEO process for company pages.

Does LinkedIn help me with my search engine rankings?

Is LinkedIn important for your visibility in online search results? You had better believe it.

Right from day one when our team basically launched social media marketing workshops in Adelaide in 2006, LinkedIn was always there in the mix for the very reason of search engine rankings.

The simple act of creating and completing your personal profile on LinkedIn has long been known as a ‘guaranteed’ way to appear at the top of Google, due to the trust that exists between those two entities.

Since then, LinkedIn has developed company profiles and I’ve written about them previously. They exist as a mini web page for your business within THE professional social network and I would encourage you to create yours if you haven’t already done so (yes, your Baker Marketing consultants can all help you with that).

What are the SEO basics for LinkedIn company pages?

According to the official LinkedIn video, we are reminded of three main considerations when creating or sharpening our LinkedIn company profile pages.

Firstly, use words that matter to your target market in your description – that means keywords.

Refer to your marketing communication strategy and make sure you use in your company description the words your prospective customers might use when searching for businesses like yours in Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Keep in mind that Google currently looks at the first 156 characters of your company profile text, so lead with your strongest, most compelling description – don’t waffle just let us know who you are and what you do.

Secondly, create as many links back to your company profile as is realistic (no SEO agency-style link stuffing).

Asking staff and colleagues to add an up-to-date reference to your company in their profiles will automatically build links to your company profile and, of course, your Baker Marketing WordPress website is able to include such a link (you’ll see ours at the footer of every page).

Thirdly, share your blogs on your LinkedIn company profile.

A final tip for today is to unlock the SEO potential of your weekly, dutiful blogging by sharing links to your blogs on your LinkedIn company profile.

These automatically get shared publicly and give Google a strong signal that you are alive, professional and focused in your field of endeavour.

See if you can find 10 minutes today to give your LinkedIn company profile a once over, or tap your Baker Marketing consultant on the shoulder to do it for you.