Inspiration for your content marketing is lurking in your kitchen

If you need some ideas to help you get started with content marketing, then there is only one place to turn to:

Your kitchen.


Because if your kitchen is anything like mine, it has a bunch of stuff in it. And hidden inside all that stuff is a treasure trove of content marketing ideas.


Content marketing comes in many forms

Content marketing can be delivered in many different formats, such as video, images, articles and much, much more.

It’s not just the physical form that differs though.

The purpose of the content can also vary dramatically.

On my scavenger hunt in my own kitchen, I found 4 different types of content marketing, each serving a different need.


Example 1: How-to content

How-to content shows the consumer how to use your product or apply your service. Some common examples include recipes, styling tips, guides, tip sheets and checklists.

Asparagus is in season and Coles thinks you should buy it! And why not some mushrooms and onions while you are at it so you can make a delicious stir-fry:

Example 2: Related content

Offering something that is related to your core products or services is a great way to serve a need your target market will almost surely have that you might not otherwise be able to provide for. Some common examples include references, behind-the-scenes or insider’s look material and useful tips.

Kitchenware Direct clearly knows that many, many recipes online are written for the USA consumer. They sent me a free refrigerator magnet printed with a quick conversion chart with my last order, which has been in eye-sight on the fridge ever since:


Example 3: More information content

Providing more information to consumers and prospects offers real value for people who are researching or already passionate about what your business does. This content can be bite-sized; perfect for social sharing; or in-depth. Examples designed for social include quotes, infographics, pictures and short videos. In-depth examples include original articles, blogs, magazines, podcasts and long videos.

RAA sends members a free magazine packed with articles, recommended itineraries and travel related tips and tricks:


Example 4: Inspirational content

Inspirational content is feel-good content that features your consumer more than your brand. This content lets people connect to the underlying ‘why’ that your core products and services are helping them meet in the first place. While companies can create this content, it’s also a great way to give your consumers a voice by curating and promoting the best of what they have to offer that features you. Examples include fan art, success stories and costumer selfies or videos.

Lorna Jane’s logo is barely even visible on this 4-Week Ab Challenge. But if you really completed the whole thing, wouldn’t you want to brag about it?


But wait! There’s more!

I very easily could have snapped another half-dozen pictures of examples of content marketing items that have made their way into my kitchen. What content marketing examples are lurking in yours?

There’s no shortage of ideas about what content you can make, and so long as you are applying the basic rules of content strategy, then chances are very good your customers and prospects will love it.