Improve every page of your website with these 2 words

There are two words that can improve every single page of your website.

Every. Page.

No matter your industry. No matter how many (or how few) pages you have.

Every page, even every blog, will be better with them.

These two words are the most magic words your website has ever seen.

What are they?

Laser focus.


Warning! Do NOT go write ‘laser focus’ on every page!

The phrase ‘laser focus’ is about as close to an enchanted wand to improve the SEO of your website as exists in the real world. But the magic of these two words isn’t found in the words themselves. And writing ‘laser focus’ on every page of your website is basically the exact opposite of what having a laser focus is all about.

So, what is a laser focus?

A laser focus is a single concept or idea that is the sole, intense focus of your attention, to the exclusion of everything else.

In other words, a laser focus is one thing, and one thing only.


The laser focus and your website

When it comes to your website, every single page should have a laser focus.

This is the key, overarching idea that everything on that page is about.

Which also means that this is the only thing that everything on that page is about.

And that’s where people get into trouble.

Many websites have pages that get a bit …. wibbly-wobbly.

These pages (and blogs) start on one idea but then sort of wander about. While it is important to have sub-points to support your laser focus, if some of those supporting ideas begin to take the focus on to themselves, then the whole page starts becoming confused.

Which, in turn, confuses both the search engines and, more importantly, your audience.

Ensuring that every page has a single laser focus and that all the content on that page supports (not distracts) from that focus will:

  • improve the readability of the page,
  • improve the page’s ranking in organic searches for the key idea,
  • enable the page to be used more effectively for search engine marketing, and
  • organise all your content to show you exactly what you have online, as well as what’s missing.


Improve your website with a quick laser focus audit

Ideally, every page of your website and blog should be designed around the concept of a laser focus. One of the best ways to improve your existing website is with a 5 question laser focus audit. To perform the audit, go to each page of your website (I recommend skipping your blog for now) and ask yourself the following:

  1. What’s the laser focus of this page? A laser focus is simple – you should be able to write it in 10 words or less. If you cannot, then the page needs to be re-worked.
  2. Is this page’s focus big enough? If you can’t write at least 250 words about the laser focus you’ve chosen, it may not be a big enough point to have its own page. Consider if this page is better off as a subsection of a different page.
  3. Is this page’s focus too big? If a page’s word count is creeping beyond the 2,000 mark, or if any sub-section is over 500 words, revisit your laser focus to see if it can be divided further. You will get better traction with two targeted pages than one page with a split focus.
  4. Is the laser focus of this page backed by strategy? The ultimate goal of each web page on your site should be to help you to convey the most important aspects of your key communications strategy to your target audience. If you find a page that isn’t supported by your strategy, it is probably fluff that can be cut.
  5. Is the laser focus of this page reflected throughout the page? Every heading, subheading, bullet list and bolded word on the page should be clearly related to the laser focus of the page. Anything that doesn’t map to the laser focus is on the wrong page.

To get the most out of the audit, create and fill in a spreadsheet or table that lists every page, its laser focus, how it ties into your strategy and any comments to improve that page:


When you have completed the list, you will be able to ask yourself one last bonus question:

What business critical messages are missing from your laser focus list?

Once you have a full list of all the laser focuses you need, you can re-work your website to fill each page with powerful, targeted and persuasive content.

So go now! Use the power of these two words on your website and see what magic they can do for you.

May the laser focus be with you.


Intro image by flikr2639 on Flickr (CC by 2.0).