I’ll just double check that: Reassurance is what’s new in WordPress 4.6

Many years ago, former prime minister, John Howard, said he wanted Australians to be comfortable and relaxed and now, in 2016, you will have that experience when you play with what’s new in WordPress 4.6.

Most of the changes in the latest version of WordPress all happen under the hood but a couple are worth noting because they take on the role of giving us busy content producers reassurance.

They deal with double checking links and keeping a safe, local copy of your work while you type.

New in WordPress 4.6: Let me double check that link for you

When you add a hyperlink in your WordPress blog posts or pages, the system will dash off quickly to the target web address you have entered to double check all is well.

If it is, the insertion of the hyperlink will continue as usual.

If you mistyped the link, such as sharing a link to my profile page on this website as https://bakermarketingservices.com/about-us/about-baker-marketing/steve-davis-is-my-favourite-marketer/ instead of https://bakermarketingservices.com/about-us/about-baker-marketing/steve-davis/, WordPress will gently stop you in your tracks and highlight that you might want to check your link.

New in WordPress 4.6: Did you save that?

I am typing this article in a motel room in Kadina and had I been using the free wifi, there would be every chance it could drop out mid-blog.

Given that I am typing into a live website, it would be a case of goodbye, dear words.

But the new in WordPress 4.6, WordPress keeps a copy in your local browser offline, so you can regather your crumbs and your thoughts, should your connection drop before you’ve published.

Stay safe, stay productive, with WordPress 4.6. Have you updated yet?