How to position premium in China

While China presents massive opportunities to Australian companies, the sheer number of brands in the market means that brand and product positioning is a key factor in determining success.

Here are 3 tips on how to position ‘premium’ in China.

1. Choose the right colours for your message

Yili dairy in ChinaRed and gold are traditionally colours associated with wealth and good fortune in China. Using the colour gold will make your product appear more luxurious. This dairy company, for example, has used red and gold, along with wine glasses to create a premium feel.

If you are developing a gift set product range, it is even more important to incorporate red and gold into the packaging. Gift giving is huge in Chinese culture, for occasions ranging from holidays, birthdays, weddings, business meetings to Chinese New Year!

2. Use excellent product images

Do images of your products online reflect excitement and energy? Chinese consumers are drawn to that. Splashes of colour, designs that convey movement (such as swirls) or other action shots are great features to have on your packaging. Having high quality photographs of your products for listings is also important to ensure that the images ‘pop’ when consumers are scrolling through your website or e-commerce store on their mobile phones.

3. Celebrate your product’s Australian heritageAustralian Made

Many Australian companies don’t appreciate how big an issue food safety is in China. The opportunities to develop trading relationships based on products with sound, traceable provenance are huge. That’s where telling your brand story and highlighting your Australian heritage can go a long way in convincing consumers to purchase your product. Inserting the Australian flag on your packaging or using the appropriate ‘Australia made’ logo can provide a quick way for consumers to identify your point of difference.

Have you got a sound export strategy in place? Do you know how to choose the right distributor? If you need help with export planning such as assessing export markets and creating an export strategy, don’t hesitate to contact the Baker Marketing team.

Images: Matthias Mendler (CC by 2.0), Yili Dairy & Australian Made