How To Optimise Your Blog Articles To Increase Sales

Want To Increase Sales? Optimise Your Blog!


As any marketing company in Adelaide will tell you if you want to increase sales and enhance brand awareness, then you need to increase traffic to your website.


But, how do you do it? That’s the tough question.


I for one, am so sick of people making bold claims attached to throw away phrases like – “You need an SEO plan, you need to use Google Ads, You need a content strategy!”


These statements are all true; however, they are throwaway lines that anyone who has been exposed to marketing, in anyway shape or form, can come up with.


The strategy behind each of these throwaway concepts is what I want the answers to!


This is where the real value is; it’s the strategy that will allow you to see an increase in sales, brand awareness, and traffic.


Hot Tip: Further to the initial plan, it’s the strategic implementation of your ideas that will give your business a real boost!


Content Can Increase your Sales Strategy


In today’s blog, I am going to give you some strategic and very implementable actions for how to use your content strategy to increase sales and profits for your business. This by no means is the only way to do, or even the best course to take for your business. However, a well thought out and planned content marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase your business sales growth.


Creating A Content Strategy To Increase Sales


Optimising your content strategy and blog can considerably improve your search traffic and increase profits and sales. ‘It’s a bit like your favourite recipe, the right ingredients in the right mix all come together to deliver the perfect result’.


Just adding blogs without consideration to their content or quality is time wasted.


Optimising increases search traffic by utilising Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. This is how to get your business blog noticed by Google and presented to people who are seeking answers to their queries. Quality content is essential to generate the right traffic to your site.


It’s not as simple as creating a content calendar and running with that. There is serious work that needs to go on behind the scenes to deliver the results you are looking for.


How To Optimise Your Blog Articles To Increase Sales


Do you want more traffic to your site and more conversions? Then it is time to get serious about your blogs. Have a strategic plan about who you want to target. Just picking ‘everyone’ is a minefield and can make your blogs stretched thin or appear confused if you try to appeal to all. Once you know who you are aiming at, the content of your blogs can provide what your potential customers are looking for. Take a look at some of the tips on how to create buyer personas and target audiences here.


Grow Search Traffic – Increase Sales


When you are looking at how to increase your sales growth, the first, second, and third consideration is your target audience. You have to provide content for them, not search engines.


The only way to do this is through research – no second guessing! Your content has to grab your reader’s attention, so keywords, especially long tail keywords, are an essential part of the process.


You need to ask yourself what would my customers ask and then click on that would bring them to my site?


You need to understand the searcher’s personas and map their buying journey before you can identify the keywords for content creation.


Find Questions your audience is asking:


Check out questions that are asked by using Quora or Google, utilise reporting tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to find the keywords that have brought in leads and customers.


Selection of your keywords is essential for writing specific content, so, dedicate time to this area if you want to succeed in making your blog increase profits and sales.


Optimise For Long Tail Keywords


Long-tailed keywords are an excellent way to improve your ranking and need to be included in your blogging strategy if you want to increase sales.


Try putting your 3+ keywords into Google search and check out what related search terms come up. You can then employ the Google Keyword Planner to view what brings in more traffic.


Using the Google Keyword Planner remove the highest and lowest ranking, and behold, you have your long-tailed keyword list.


Imagine you are a cosmetic facial surgery clinic, you will want your blogs to interest those people wanting cosmetic surgery, so, you might use keywords such as,’ cost of cosmetic facial surgery’ or ‘ what is the procedure for cosmetic facial surgery’. These utilise your experience and knowledge and provide value for those searching. However, through your research, you may find that ‘side effects of facial surgery’ or ‘recovery tips after facial surgery’ have better chances of being clicked on.


A strategic content plan would allow you to create content for all of these keywords through a series of linked blogs that create a network to answer all questions your potential customer may have. And once Google recognises that you can answer all the questions a search has, you have more chance of ranking higher on a Google Search Result Page.


Utilising Keywords To Increase Sales


Once you have identified your keywords, it is time to incorporate them into your blog article. You want to produce a vibrant, informative, quality piece that will engage your reader, and keep them reading, clicking and sharing.

Don’t forget to link keywords to related articles and website pages to increase search visibility. For the reader’s benefit, create a post with information people will want to read and share.


Place the keyword within:-


  • Your blog title
  • The page title
  • Any headers you use in the article, especially H1 & H2
  • Within the article
  • In the alt tag for any images or videos embedded in the blog
  • Meta Description


Be loud and proud with your keywords and long-tailed keywords; use them naturally and freely in your text, but don’t saturate your text with them. Use appropriate links, but be aware not to make your post unreadable with too many blue hyperlinks!


If You Want To Increase Sales You Need To Be Readable


Having done all the research and found the specific keywords and relevant long-tailed keywords what is next? As the leading marketing company in Adelaide for search engine optimisation, I can tell you that you also need a clear strategy for style and presentation to make your blog post readable and achieve your goal of increasing sales.


Our Advice:

  • Avoid small, cursive hard to read fonts. Not only does Google not like this, but your consumers will also find it hard to consume
  • Utilise numbered lists, bullet points, short paragraphs and simple headers
  • Bold keywords and phrases help your readers skim read, assisting them to decide if the article is worth taking time to read fully
  • Use related links to explore your topic further or help a reader understand what is being said, defining any word or terminology they may not be familiar with
  • Use visuals to represent what you are trying to say. These not only make your article more readable but boost search rankings
  • Write compelling headlines to catch attention
  • Remember to make your text compatible with smartphones and mobile devices


Should You Have A Content Strategy To Increase Sales?


Simply put? Yes! Good quality content increases traffic to your site and improves sales performance, but it does not come about by accident.


A sound content marketing strategy is necessary to ensure your blogs get to the right people and the right time. And a solid content marketing implementation strategy is essential to follow through with your plan.


Expect to dedicate some time to research and planning to achieve the resulting sales increase. Having produced your excellent blog post you now need to ensure you advertise successfully using appropriate social media channels and think about referral traffic. For further insights into increasing sales read here.