Hootsuite helps you target your WordPress blogging

targeting-with-twitter Photo Patrick PatrickI’m branching out from WordPress specific territory today to share with you how your blogging combined with Hootsuite can help you target customers.

This is based on a true story from my recent time working in Darwin.

It started with a tweet

The operator of an indoor recreation venue in Darwin attended one of my recent workshops and in the follow up mentoring we were able to set up eavesdropping with Hootsuite.

As you might know, Hootsuite is an online tool that lets you connect your various social networking accounts into one dashboard.

From here you can broadcast content across multiple social networks at once or just use it to monitor mentions of various terms of interest to your business or organisation.

You can read my tutorial on setting up the eavesdropping here: How to eavesdrop ethically using Hootsuite.

Listen, respond, convert

The beauty of Hootsuite eavesdropping is that when our client heard a company sharing details of a recent corporate social event, she was able to gently suggest they consider her venue next time.

The next day, the company placed a group booking for 17 people, which is about capacity for her venue.

The valuable insight is that she would never have come across this opportunity without our eavesdropping set up.

The rewarding thing is that as she develops her website into WordPress and starts using the blogging mechanism within it, she’ll build a library of helpful content for sharing with social media users as a further way of engaging with them and answering their questions.

Yes, suddenly ‘silly’ social media and blogging is scoring sound business points for her and bringing home the treasure.