Here’s how the Facebook News ban should change the way you think

We can’t be sure who blinked first, Facebook or the Government, but both Facebook and the Australian government have declared victory. Regardless, the decision by Facebook to remove news links for Australians generated international attention.

You might not be a media company, but everyone woke up to the reality that Facebook can cut you off at the flick of an AI powered switch. So can Google, Twitter, Instagram and any other number of big-tech companies.

The reality is that we give over a lot of power and control to big tech companies. As Australian businesses it’s crucial that we do not lean too heavily on any one platform or advertising strategy.

What happens if Google decides to change the algorithm and our websites are no longer found in search results? Or Facebook decides to ban your account and you can’t advertise anymore? Good luck trying to contact customer service in these companies!

There are obvious tactics you can deploy in your marketing strategy, such as nurturing and growing your own email and customer databases. Too often email is treated is a quick sales stimulation channel, when it can be so much more! Build your brand loyalty with valuable customer engagement wrapped in great creative. Pictures of Cute Cats and a TFI Friday meme sent out to your customers isn’t going to do the job!

All businesses can benefit by focusing on brand building, customer service and satisfaction levels. Growing your referral networks and customer loyalty programmes are also often great strategies, depending on the nature of your business.

For smaller businesses it pays to think local, quite often with local advertising, being present at events and sponsorships. These targeted brand-activations, as we call them in marketing circles, can be incredibly cost effective and deliver very real lasting results for your business. Working with a forward thinking mindset to ensure your brand creative and marketing strategy is optimised can be a great place to start!

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