My Google map disappeared: How to restore a lost map in WordPress

Recently, Google made a change to the terms and conditions surrounding the use of maps on websites which has left many website owners asking, why has my Google map disappeared?

The good news is, I can help you reach your destination of happiness, with a fully restored map.

What the Google giveth, the Google can taketh away

Google makes its map available across all devices and allows businesses to incorporate Google maps, often for free, in a range of ways.

One of the most popular ways for including a map on a WordPress website is through the Mappress plugin and this article is particularly written for people who use it.

The latest update has a hardwired change fixed into it, forcing webmasters to get a code from Google to allow maps to continue being displayed on websites.

The code, or API key, simply connects your site to Google and brings you in line with their new ruling that use of their maps must be via API with a daily limit of 25,000 uses for free.

You don’t really need to understand the API mechanics, other than by applying for and getting an API key and plugging it into your website, you will find your maps have all returned.

Google map disappeared, Google map returned

There really are some simple steps for Mappress plugin users to follow to get their maps back.

All you need is a Google or Gmail account and about 10 minutes up your sleeve to get the job done.

Firstly, go to this link – Google Developer Console – and log in with your Google credentials if asked.

Next use the Create A Project dropdown to create a new project. Select Create A Project and click continue.

You will find the screen can seem to be stationary during many of these steps, so be patient.

Give your API Project a name, like Maps For Website and then in the boxes below, type in your URL like this:*

That format will work for 99% of people.

Click Create and then copy and paste the API code that is presented to you. I suggest pasting it into your Website Cheat Sheet (if you have one) or in some document you will be able to find again.

Leave the Google API page open until you have successfully completed the next part.

The moment of truth

Back on your website, go to Mappress settings and paste in your API Key in the box provided, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save Changes.

Your maps should now work again.

If they don’t go back to your Google API screen and double check you have spelled your domain name correctly.

If that fails, you will need to chat to us or your webmaster for further help.

You have arrived at your destination.