Why Does My Business Need Google AdWords? Let’s Google It!

Can you answer this question confidently? Why does my business need Google AdWords?


Have you ever been stood in front of a group of people, your child, or your boss, only to have them ask you a question that you have no idea how to answer?


Solution: My number 1 go to answer now is “Let’s Google it.”


The reason I love this answer is that you can allude to the fact that you don’t know while giving assurance that you will find out.


Google is our number one go-to resource whenever we have a burning question that needs an immediate answer.

When it comes to marketing, it is essential that you understand Google AdWords.


At the very top of the sales funnel and beginning of the buyer’s journey when people are searching for a product or service, they head straight to Google to begin their research. Their search phrases may start off very broad but refine as they dig deeper into what they are looking for.


This refinement lands them in the middle of the sales funnel and buyer’s journey. This stage of research is necessary to find the best product or service for their needs.


The end of the buyer’s journey and bottom of the sales funnel is where you capture people who have completed their research and are ready to buy a product or service.


Google AdWords has the potential to capture potential customers regardless of their stage in the buyer’s journey


Adwords will appeal to:

  1. Customers refining and looking for a solution to their problem
  2. Customers researching the best product or service for their businesses
  3. Customers who have made a decision about what they need and are ready to buy


AdWords targets people at the exact moment they start researching what you are selling


Google Adwords Is Measurable And Flexible


The reason online marketing is so exciting is that it is highly measurable. Traditional marketing activities, like TV Advertising, Billboards, or Radio Ads may hit a broad audience, but is it the right audience?


There is no way to measure how well your marketing activity is doing, and this is in direct opposition to digital or online marketing.


But that is not to say all online marketing campaigns are easy to measure. When you are running an SEO campaign, it can be quite challenging to measure precisely what keywords or phrases are increasing your ranking in Google.


Enter – Google AdWords!


Google AdWords comes packed with metrics! Pay Per Click advertising does all of the legwork for you when it comes to analytics. Passing on to you a tidy little package of information that will help target and direct your campaigns even more.


Another measurable reason that people love to use Google AdWords for their business is the business insights it creates. By analysing the keywords and keyword phrases, your potential customers are searching for; you can target your ads more efficiently and refine or develop your products and services.


Google AdWords is also flexible. Depending on what you want out of your AdWords campaign there are customisable options that you can use to target a specific audience. Things like:


  • Keyword match types that can give you many possibilities for targeting a particular keyword
  • Extensions for the campaigns that allow you to add a phone number, images of products, or links to your site.
  • Audience targeting based on demographics such as age, location, language, as well as the device used for searching and the time of day your ad runs.
  • The range of non-searchable sites available – you can reach people on Google partner sites like YouTube, Gmail and many more.
  • Display Network – you also have the option to leverage the display network which means you can showcase your products and build brand awareness.


Google Adwords is Faster Than SEO


The problem that you find when you are trying to rank organically is that it can take months before you see an impact on your business. When it comes to Google AdWords, you will see the results immediately. As soon as your ads appear on Google, and you will get instant data about your visitors.


Google AdWords is designed to increase your lead generation and sales conversion immediately. More than this though you will have the ability to use all of the data that you collected from a paid campaign and implement this into your organic SEO campaigns.


More Engaging Advertising with Google AdWords


If you are paying for your ads to be seen wouldn’t you want to ensure that they were seen by as many people as possible?


Google AdWords can promise that your ad is more engaging because it is shown in search networks that your target audience is interested in and using.


Control Advertising Costs With Google Adwords


Regardless of the size of your advertising budget you always want to control how much you spend and ensure you are gaining a positive ROI.


Set your budget on a daily basis with Google AdWords


Although there is no hard and fast rule about how much you should allocate to your AdWords budget there are a few simple questions and steps that you can work through to arrive at a sensible number:


  1. What is my average sale price?
  2. Estimate how many sales you need to make. (You should be conservative here)
  3. Estimate how many leads you need to create to sell that rate of product or service
  4. What is your target cost per lead? (The maximum amount you can spend to get each lead)
  5. Multiply the Cost Per Lead with the number of leads you need in one month to achieve the sell rate you previously determined.


This becomes your monthly budget for PPC advertising


To get your daily rate just divide this by 30.4 which is the average number of days in a month and then you have your average daily spend for an AdWords Campaign.


This is certainly not an exact science, and there will be tweaks along the way to get the best result. However, more than in any other form of advertising you do start to see the ROI of what you are doing at the beginning of your journey.


High Return on Investment with Google Adwords


The bidding structure within Google AdWords is also tailored to suit your personal and individual business needs. Depending on your campaign goal there are different bidding strategies put in place to ensure that you have a high return on your investment.


For example: (Information from Google AdWords)


  • Focus on clicks on your ads: This is known as a cost-per-click, or CPC bid. We recommend the CPC bidding method if you want to drive traffic to your website.
  • Focus on viewable impressions or the number of times your ad shows in a visible place: This is known as cost-per-thousand viewable impressions or vCPM bid. We recommend the vCPM bidding method if you want to increase awareness of your brand. Note that vCPM bidding is available for Display Network campaigns only
  • Focus on conversions, or when people take a specific action on your website after clicking on one of your ads: This is known as a cost-per-acquisition or CPA bid. We recommend the CPA bidding method for seasoned AdWords advertisers who are interested in conversions, like purchases or signups


Google AdWords is designed to ensure that you get out of it what you put into it. So if your goal was to build brand awareness and you chose to run with a CPM method, you are targeting people at the top of your sales funnel who are still deep in research mode and not yet ready to buy. This type of campaign is not as expensive to run as a CPC or CPA campaign for example.


A CPC campaign targets people in the middle of the sales funnel who are looking for the best product or service for their needs. With this type of campaign, you can drive visitors to your website and generate leads that will convert into sales.


A CPA Campaign targets customers who are ready to buy your product or sign up with you. The likelihood that you will generate a sale from targeting these clients is higher than CPM and therefore more expensive to run.


Beat Your Competitors with Google AdWords


When you decide to start using Google AdWords your business has a potential advantage over competitors. An Adwords campaign can make you an authority within your industry or area of expertise.


But what if the competition decides to use AdWords too?


That’s simple – you just have to be better at it than them!!!


80% of search results now contain Google Adwords placements, covering around 85% of the space above the fold on a search results page.


If you want to be the best AND rank on the first page, there are certain things that you need to achieve, the first being a high scoring AdRank.


AdRank = Bid x Quality Score


We already worked out earlier what your daily budget for an AdWords Campaigns should be. Now you can break this down even further to work out your bidding strategy for different campaigns. Simply divide your budget by the number of campaigns you are running.


You Quality score, however, is entirely dependent on the things that YOU DO. For example:


  1. Expected Click Through Rate – this can be manipulated through keywords and negative keywords. Having focused keyword match types and negative keywords in your campaign allow your ad to be more targeted and thus raises the expected click-through rate because the people that are viewing your ad should be and want to be viewing it.
  2. Ad Relevance – This relates to which search queries trigger your ad. You want to ensure that your ad is triggered by only things that are relevant to the product or services you are selling.
  3. Landing Page Experience – The last thing that you can manipulate to see real results in your Quality score is to ensure that your landing page is built for the user and not the search engine. This landing page should have a clear, concise, relevant and original copy on it. It should offer something to the reader that they did not know before and it should be easy to navigate and make people want to stay on your site and look around.


So as you can see, there isn’t too much to it really!


I know, I felt the same when I first started working with Google AdWords. It can be overwhelming at first, and there are numerous little things that you need to consider before you start a campaign, things to consider while it is running and after it is completed. But once you have run several hundred of them, it becomes so much easier.


If you want to insert Google AdWords into your life but you’re not confident enough to do it on your own yet, give me a call at Baker Marketing, and we can work out a plan that suits your business needs and budget.