Are Gamers Changing The Media Game?

In todays’ challenging world of media advertising, a new category of consumer has been identified.

This highly elusive segment is skewed male, aged between 10– 30, is technically savvy and has been dubbed “the gamers”. Gamers are a group of people who enjoy the excitement and interactivity of games based on platforms such as Sony Play Station 4 and Nintendo, covering a multitude of genre from sport to horror to science fiction to movie themes such as Grand Theft Auto.

When not gaming, gamers tend to seek entertainment content that is very fresh and relevant to their needs. Usually this does not involve free to air television.

Rather, they love to stream live to their smart phones, tablets and pc’s with various apps such as Foxtel, Netflix and Stan as well as social media sites like You Tube, Instagram and Facebook.

Gamers are also unlikely to listen to mainstream radio as they are more likely to source their audio content, or more specifically music, from apps such as iTunes or Google play.

So with traditional media like free to air TV, commercial radio and mainstream press not offering gamers the content they seek, how do advertisers and marketers reach this elusive segment labelled gamers?

Marketing to gamers

As mentioned, gamers are big users of social media so if your answer to the above question is social media, then you are on the right track, but with one big proviso. That proviso is that you do not treat social media as a like for like replacement for traditional media.

Successful social media marketers understand that the social media environment is a vastly different one from mainstream arenas where station programmers decide what content will be aired to an audience as broad as possible.

Social media is based on personal choice and preferences, interaction and as its name suggests, social relationships. Generally speaking, people, not just gamers, do not tune into social media to be sold to, but rather, to escape the noise of the mainstream advertising world with all of its bells and whistles and more often than not, irrelevance.

They seek to be entertained, informed or enlightened in a manner that is relevant to their individual needs and circumstances via a source that they can trust. That source is quite often their friends, family or other ‘news’ channels they have learned to rely upon.

Marketing to gamers using social media therefore involves an approach not based on hard sell, but one based on a two way relationship building process that focuses on complimenting and even expanding the social media usage experience.

Not only does your product or service need to meet the ever changing needs of your market, your offer needs to be communicated in a manner that suits the medium, which in the case of the gamer, involves social media.

Although marketing to gamers via social media represents a challenge, it also represents a wonderful opportunity for smaller businesses who are able to use empathy and creativity as an effective substitute for large advertising budgets.

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