FBIA & AMP update: WordPress blog survival tips for the battle of the internet beasts

Facebook and Google are preparing for a mega battle of the internet giants over our attention when it comes to reading articles online, and your WordPress blog could become collateral damage if you don’t stay vigilant.

The two major beasts of the internet will up the ante in their battle for supremacy in the next few weeks when Google’s AMP pages counter attack Facebook’s move to serve up the world’s reading material by throwing open the doors to its Instant Articles format for all us bloggers.

What does this FBIA & AMP battle mean for our blogging efforts?

  • Firstly, you can thank your lucky stars you’ve chosen WordPress
  • Secondly, you need to stay close to my blog so you can choose the right plugins and tweaks to stay in the good books of these two juggernauts.

While Google says AMPlified websites will jump to the top of the page in mobile web searches, this game is primarily about speed.

FBIA & AMP: What’s this battle of the internet beasts all about?

Ultimately, the game is all about serving up articles to readers as fast as possible.

Facebook argues that having articles formatted in the FB Internet Articles method lets their system make pages appear to readers up to ten times faster than when you click a link to read a blog post or article on the original site.

Google says by using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on your WordPress blog, your articles will also appear lightning fast meaning there is no need to panic or move your game across to Facebook.

However, the beauty of the WordPress world is you can have your dinosaur egg and eat it too by optimising your content for both AMP and FBIA formats.

It is all early days and things might change but here’s how to get started.

AMP update

Firstly, you’ll recall I advised you back in February to AMPlify your website.

You can read more about the AMP format and how to apply it in, Google says AMP up your WordPress blog for better SEO.

Since that release, Google has advised you need to do some extra tweaking to your AMPlified website to make sure Analytics can still measure activity.

You can go through the technical specs OR just add a light plugin to your WordPress blog called AMP Analytics by WP Valet.

Once it is installed you just need to add your Google Analytics ID and you’re done. There is a lot more development to take place so be sure to monitor developments closely.

However, once Google switches that AMP switch in April, you will have a huge advantage over competitors in mobile search, so the few minutes spent now will be a prudent use of your time.

Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook is working with Automattic, the company behind WordPress to develop a new plugin called Facebook Instant Articles.

It is very, very, very early in development so I’m not ready to advise you to use it yet.

What it will do is automatically prepare your blog posts for display on Facebook in the FB Instant Article format.

Your ‘feed’ of articles will then be able to be fed directly into Facebook, pushing them into your social community.

Once the plugin has gone through a few more iterations and we’ve tested it, I’ll be back with further updates.

The key point is that you can just note this for now and focus on getting AMP installed and running.

And if you’d like at hand getting AMPed up, we have some package just for you.