Facebook Remarketing – You Know You Want It!

Facebook Remarketing Is An Essential Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy!


As a digital marketer, I firmly believe that remarketing is hugely effective in closing sales with potential customers.




It yields one of the highest returns on investments and allows you to re-engage with customers who have already touched your brand quickly.


Facebook is simply the best platform to use when it comes to (re)capturing your target audience through paid advertisements.


Facebook dynamic remarketing provides endless options for customisation, targeting ads, and the basics are straightforward. Facebook’s platform also allows you to be as specific or as simple as you want. Plus, there are millions of active users out there.


In this blog, you’ll find the basics about Facebook remarketing tools at your disposal and how to use them to your advantage.


Top Tip: To get the most out of your Facebook remarketing strategy, make sure to get your audience’s attention, by giving them a great reason to come back.


How Exactly Does Facebook Retargeting Work?


Remarketing is an incredibly useful and effective tool that specifically targets your Facebook ads right to the people that matter.


They may have expressed interest in your site or be in your curated audience. It allows you to focus purely on in-market people. It’s all about reminding them about your products or services and grabbing their attention with an excellent post, ad, or offer. Because Facebook places these ads directly into the News Feed, they are viewed as natural content instead of intrusive advertising.


Getting Started With A Facebook Remarketing Strategy


Start by planning your campaign!


Decide what your objective is and which customers you want to reach. Maybe you want to re-target the people who landed on your page but didn’t thoroughly check out the site. Or those that searched for products but didn’t make a purchase. Remember to check out the competition or your own News Feed for good Facebook remarketing examples.


The next step is to create a genuinely eye-catching ad with any offers that you want to include. Facebook provides numerous types of remarketing settings and Custom Audience preferences to help you. These give you the ability to target your ad specifically to your audience, or different market segments that you have chosen in your goals.


The Remarketing Life-cycle Of A Pixel


You’ll install a pixel code on your website to track visitors. This will then place a cookie on the computers of people who visit your site. It’s basically a minute 1×1 pixel that can’t be seen, which then sends information to Facebook about the pages viewed by visitors, or the actions that they have taken.


You can find this pixel code in the Audiences section of Ads Manager, under New Retargeting Campaign. Select this, click on Actions, and then View Panel in the drop-down menu.


6 Simple Steps To Facebook Remarketing 2019


This pixel is your remarketing genie and will follow your chosen audience!


So let’s take a look at how simple it is to release it on website visitors in 6 easy steps


  • Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and click on Business Manager at the top left-hand side.
  • Select ‘Audiences’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Create Audience and select Custom Audiences.
  • Select Website Traffic from the multiple options.
  • Select your planned target audience from the drop-down menu.
  • Get your pixel code and place it on your website.


Optimise Your Reach With Facebook’s Algorithm


When planning your Facebook pixel & Facebook remarketing strategy, always use videos and images to engage people. This kind of visual content is much more likely to be liked, shared, or remembered than any text content. There are over 8 billion videos watched every day, so Facebook’s algorithm also loves it.


Make it relevant – use a value proposition which tempts the reader to click on your ad. These clicks will convert to sales if you can convince them that your product or service is superior to your competitors.


You can also use a Lookalike Audience on Facebook, which helps to find your target audience of people who match your current customer profile. Then you can create ads that are fully optimised and targeted. This, in turn, helps you to spend your Facebook remarketing budget to produce a positive return.


Top Tip: Don’t forget your mobile customers and utilise both desktop and mobile News Feed ads!


Are You Convinced About Facebook Remarketing Yet?


Research shows that around 72% of online shoppers abandon their cart before purchasing. The same is true for service enquiries too. No company can afford to let these potential customers go without converting them.


Retargeting is the ultimate solution, and a superb way to re-engage your customers, and give them the chance to reconsider. Almost 26% of them will come back and complete their purchase if they are faced with the best Facebook remarketing ads.


Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your reach and profits, and get started with your Facebook campaign today.


It’s easy, fast, responsive, and you know you need it!