Your Export Success Starts With an in-depth Export Marketing Action PLan!

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Export Marketing Action Plan

Are you looking to take your business global? Export Marketing is a complex process that can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to the details.

Save yourself the headache and time and plan your export marketing activities strategically with our Senior Export Marketing Consultants who have both the knowledge and experience of dealing with export markets.

You will receive an Export Marketing Action Plan and a 12 Month Marketing Activity Schedule in spreadsheet formats.


The Features

  • Four-hour strategy session with our Senior Export Marketing Consultant
  • In-depth research into your category and round-tabling of ideas amongst the experienced Export Marketing Team
  • One-hour presentation of the Marketing Action Plan
  • Marketing Action Plan files including 12 Month Export Marketing Activity Schedule

The Baker Marketing Process

STEP 1 – our Senior Export Marketing Consultant will have a four-hour meeting, phone call or Skype call with you so we can get an in-depth understanding of your brand, products, challenges and objectives

STEP 2 – we will use the information from this meeting to develop an Export Marketing Action Plan that includes target markets, brand positioning, customer persona, customer needs and activity schedule

STEP 3 – we will present the Export Marketing Action Plan to you, and if there are some changes to make then we will revise the plan accordingly

STEP 4 – we will send you the Marketing Action Plan for you to action and refer to on your business journey!

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