Export Marketing 101 – Your 30 Second Sales Spiel

Export Marketing often involves taking advantage of situations where you need to get across who you are, what you do and what’s special about you very quickly.

Trade Shows, Buyer match-making sessions, Conferences and Airport lounges are just a few examples where the 30 Second Sales Spiel can be very useful.

Creating your own 30 Second Sales Spiel does not require rocket science. Probably the most difficult part is remembering that it is intended to be a ‘30’ second spiel and not a 200, 300 or 5,000 second spiel.

Start at the beginning please

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Tell me who you are, what you do and what’s special about you in 30 Seconds!

Your 30 Second Sales Spiel brings together all of your key communication messages into one place.  These messages are then rationalised down to one concise 30 second statement.

It is difficult to create a truly powerful 30 Second Sales Spiel if you have not completed your marketing planning process.

Most importantly, completing your planning and decision-making process in these key marketing areas:

  • Who are your customers
  • What are their needs
  • How do you want to position your brand
  • What are your Top 3 key communication messages

For help with completing your marketing plan please refer to the Baker Marketing Summer School.  Here you will find a series of articles that I have written that are designed to step you through the Marketing Planning process.

5 Questions to create your own 30 Second Sales Spiel

Giving adequate consideration to the key marketing areas referred to above comes first.  After that step, completing the first draft of your 30 Second Sales Spiel is relatively simple.

The answers to these 5 questions will help you shape the most powerful way of communicating your own 30 Second Sales Spiel:

  1. Who you are? = Your name
  2. Who you represent? = The name of your company
  3. What you do? = What is your core business
  4. Who you do it for? = Who are your customers
  5. What is special about you? = What you do that is different, clever or useful

If you have a current marketing plan in place you will have no difficulty in answering the above five questions.

The Baker Marketing 30 Second Sales Spiel

For this example, I have pretended that I am Patrick Patrick, Marketing Director, Baker Marketing (I have always wanted to be Patrick Patrick!)

“Hi, I’m Patrick Patrick from Baker Marketing.
We provide an Outsourced Marketing Department for business owners.
Which means you get your own marketing team to help build your brand and grow sales but you only pay for them when you need them.”

As you see from this example, the first draft of your 30 Second Sales Spiel starts with answering the 5 questions I summarised above.  It can also be quite short.

When it comes to your 30 Second Sales Spiel, the more concise and punchy the better – so long as it is well thought out and contains your key messages.

Long-winded opening spiels often sound staged and stilted and are not pleasant to experience.

Tips to perfect your 30 Second Sales Spiel

Getting started and creating the first draft of your 30 Second Sales Spiel is the hard part and I hope that today’s article was of some assistance.

Once you have created your first draft 30 Second Sales Spiel the next challenge is to improve it to be as useful, versatile and effective as possible.

Next week I will outline some suggestions including refinement, practice, tailoring and more.  The goal being to help you take your original draft 30 Second Sales Spiel and turn it into a marketing and sales tools that is truly powerful when opening up sales interactions and relationships.