dont-wing-it-with-words communication AdelaideMost of the time we all know what we want to say, but is that what we mean or even need to say?

How we communicate to each other and our audience needs to be relevant and inspiring regardless of the mediums we use.

We are buying into marketing and advertising messaging 24 hours a day and most of us don’t even realise until it becomes relevant or inspires us to take action.

So when is the best time to market ourselves?

The answer is all the time.

We are cyclic beings and we don’t all follow the same path or end up on the same journeys so our message needs to engage the audience at a timely point of relevance. Be where they are, understand people’s diverse journeys and identify when to cross that path and engage. We are an emotive species and will respond to these feelings which will lead us to either want more of these experiences or steer clear of them. Either way… we ‘feel’ something.

Good feelings lead to good engagement.

Emotional connection then needs to lead to a positive action. “Come in and see us… Call to discuss…We want to help you…”, all prompts to the desired response which is to have them in front of you and it’s your clever words, creative methods and ultimately your service that will keep them. It seems like common sense at times but when we are not prepared to receive certain information, it’s better to encourage in the right directions and make the steps to your door effortless.

Don’t just tell people you’re good – tell them you’re good for them.

Today’s business owners need to evolve, be dynamic in their thinking and change their traditional mindset  – embrace social and online media and see it as a way of shortening the journey from thought and consideration to purchase.

We are all consumers in some way, so we all appreciate different approaches and online is a subtle way to become your audience’s new best friend. You then learn about the persona that is your audience in an intimate way that has not been achieved before and what comes from that is a sense of opportunity… and responsibility. So choose your methods strategically.

After all, we are now the generation of ‘uns’. If you do not respect me I will ‘un’ like you, if you don’t give me what I need I will ‘un’ follow you.   So be mindful of your message, tactful with your tone and engage and embrace your new ‘Friends’ like visitors at an airport because you never know, one day that might be you needing or receiving that hug.

[Photo by Steve Garfield via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons]