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Wordpress WebsitesWebsite design is much more than just making a website look nice. Because your website serves as your organisation’s ‘face’ on the internet, it is important that your website makes the right impression, which means it needs to be more than just pretty.

Your website has to serve many purposes at once.

It needs to appeal to your target market, which means it needs to be easy to read, deliver information effectively and have an appealing look and feel. But it also needs to be easily found by search engines, which means complying with a wide range of technical and content rules and norms.

Web design considers the purpose of the website, the needs of the users and all the technical requirements of search engines and creates a website that will work for both the market and your business.

A good website is the basis of a strong digital presence

  • Create a hub for all your online marketing
  • Get found by prospects searching online
  • Inform the market about your organisation and offerings
  • Improve your reach to the right audience
  • Gain market share both on and off line

Why use a website design service?

Using a professional website design and development service will help you get the website you need. While there are many content management systems that make it easier than ever to build a website yourself, designing an effective website can be a challenging and time consuming task, especially for the uninitiated.

Done right, web design is a complex process that considers the needs of your business, the search engines and your target market.

The best websites are built with a multidisciplinary approach of designers, technical developers and content specialists. The result is a website that’s professional in appearance, delivers effective messages and has the technical backing to work across devices and platforms.

Why use Baker Marketing for your website?

At Baker Marketing, we don’t just make websites that look good. We make sites that work beautifully for the search engines, your users and your target market. We specialise in building sites using the WordPress content management system, which means it’s easy for you to update and maintain your website in-house after the build.

We offer the full range website development, design and optimisation services:

  • Website Development: Get a website that works for your business and your users
  • Graphic Design: Create an impressive and memorable digital presence
  • Website Training: Learn the basics to keep your site working for you long after the build
  • Website Management: Maintain your website’s performance capabilities
  • Web Content Planning: Ensure your website delivers the most important messages effectively
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Make sure your website can be found by search engines and your prospects
  • Copywriting: Develop powerful web copy works for customer and search engines
  • Site Analysis and Optimisation: Identify and fix technical issues that affect your site’s performance
  • e-Commerce Integration: Expand your sales channels into the digital market
  • Hosting and Domain Registration: Advice and assistance to get the right setup for your site
  • Blogging: Keep your web presence current and active
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools: Monitor the results of your hard work

Looking to have a website developed or redesigned? Need to get your current website optimised? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help!


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