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Social Media Marketing AdelaideSocial media marketing offers businesses an unprecedented way to create meaningful connections with prospects and clients. The real-time nature of social media makes it easier than ever to build and maintain a high level of customer service and have frequent interactions with consumers.

Social media provides an open channel for organisations to share their marketing content to people genuinely interested and allows them to share on your marketing messages to their own networks. Done right, social media marketing can be an incredibly powerful means of communication and is fast becoming a standard part of the public relations (PR) mix for companies of all sizes.

Social media marketing allows organisations of all types to engage with more people across more platforms, building relationships, trust and even brand loyalty along the way.

Social media marketing offers many benefits

  • Grow and engage with your audience
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness with your target markets
  • Improve off-the-page SEO factors to boost performance
  • Deliver powerful marketing messages to more people

Why use a social media service?

Among the many hundreds of social platforms (that’s right – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat are only a few of the options out there!) and the wide range of ways to use social media, there’s a social niche for every business.

But social media marketing is a very different beast to most other forms of marketing.

Selecting the right platforms, unifying your messages across all aspects of your business, integrating your digital networks together and planning the right approach for social interactions leaves many organisations overwhelmed.

Whether you are brand-new to social media, or just need a specialist to help keep you on top of the latest changes and trends, working with a social media marketer can save you time and improve your brand’s social interactions.

Why use Baker Marketing for your social media marketing?

At Baker Marketing, we help you plan your social media activity so that it complements your overall marketing strategy to bring you more results both on and offline.

We can help with all your social media marketing needs:

  • Social Media Strategy Planning: Ensure your business is on the right platforms with the right plan to make social work for you
  • Platform and Profile Set-up: Get started from scratch or improve your existing accounts
  • Chinese Social Media: Kick-start your engagement with one of the largest markets in the world through WeChat, Weibo and more
  • Social Media Policy Development: Prepare your whole team for social-for-business
  • Social Media Management:  On-going update, social sharing, campaign and interaction management as you need it
  • Social Media Advertising: Maximise the effectiveness of targeted social advertising campaigns to improve ROI
  • Training and Up-Skilling: Learn the basics, keep up with the latest changes or just get advice on ways to improve your approach with our tailored social media training services

Need to kick-start your social media? Want to improve your social strategy? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how you can benefit from our social media marketing services!

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