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Content Marketing AdelaideContent marketing is all about creating and sharing content designed to attract and win an audience. Thanks to the digital revolution, content marketing is fast becoming the accepted best-practice approach to marketing by businesses in every industry.

When it comes to online, content marketing is critical to driving real results, improving your SEO and turning prospects into customers. Good content allows you to connect with your clients and prospects in a meaningful way. Great content is how you break through the noise and make your message heard.

Effective content marketing will help you develop and maintain a valuable relationship with your target audience, drive profitable customer actions and grow your owned online presence into the future.

Useful content should be at the core of your marketing

  • Get people to know, like and trust your brand
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Drive engagement, including on social platforms
  • Improve your website and SEO
  • Create a valuable base for ongoing customer retention
  • Improve the volume and lead-time of sales

How can you benefit from content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to offer value that actually engages prospects and customers, driving them to profitable action.

Creating quality content that informs and inspires isn’t just a nice-to-have — consistent delivery of quality, original content is a critical part of good SEO. Effective content marketing will help keep your site ranking well for the right short and long-tail keywords and search terms.

Content marketing can be delivered in many different formats, such as video, images, articles and social-share pieces. Depending on your business objectives, content marketing can help you achieve better results than traditional marketing or advertising alone.

Why use Baker Marketing for your content marketing needs?

The team at Baker Marketing are marketing specialists first and foremost. That means we apply solid marketing strategy and technical expertise to every part of our full-service content marketing offering. We tailor our approaches to your business objectives to ensure you get the results you are after, not cookie-cutter content packs.

We can help with all your content marketing needs:

  • Content Strategy Planning: Establish a solid foundation for your ongoing content efforts tied to your strategy and based on tried-and-tested frameworks
  • Schedule Development: Design schedules to meet your SEO targets and keep your customers engaged
  • Blogging: Improve your SEO by keeping your web presence current and active with targeted, useful blogs and articles
  • Rich-media Content Development: Create beautiful, visual content people will want for themselves and to share
  • Copywriting: Develop powerful web copy that works for customers and search engines
  • Blogging Training: Make the most of you and your team’s business expertise with tools and training that make blogging easier and more effective
  • Performance Measurement: Monitor the results of your hard work with responsive tracking to enable continued improvements to best engage audiences, drive traffic and convert prospects

Want to see how content marketing can work for you? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help!

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