WordpressThe world is becoming a WordPress world, as more webmasters learn to understand the power, scalability and ease of use of WordPress as a content management system for their websites.


Baker Marketing does not exist to sell websites. However, years of working with small business clients and witnessing how poorly many of them have been treated by some elements within the website building fraternity, led us to develop an inhouse team with solid internet credentials who could help clients exploit online marketing without being exploited themselves.


And now, almost 1,000 websites down the track, we have been able to craft a solid, affordable entry package to help your small business or organisation set up a solid foundation online – one that can grow with you over the years.


Our Marketing Director has captured some of the compelling reasons for choosing WordPress as the system for building and running your website, in this article entitled, Open Source vs Proprietary Content Management Systems.


How much does it cost, what are my options, and what’s included?


Our WordPress Website Starter Package is a one-off $1,995 +GST ($2,194.50 inc GST).


Our WordPress Website Starter Package with Slider, a one-off $2249 plus GST ($2473.90 inc GST).


Click here to see a working model of the WordPress Website Starter Package developed here in Adelaide, or of the WordPress Website Starter Package with Slider.


These include the following elements:


  • Website planning and sitemap development
  • Initial keyword planning
  • Integration of your logo, colour scheme and contact details into one of our clean, responsive templates
  • Addition and configuration of homepage slideshow (included in the Slider package or as an extra bolt on in the Starter Package)
  • Single menu and page layout design and formatting
  • Professional review of website and blog content prior to publication (applies to agreed initial content and supplied within a given time frame)
  • Publishing of your initial website page content (defined in scoping meeting)
  • Webhost-based email setup (if required)
  • Blog functionality
  • Ability to add, edit or remove pages
  • Video embedding, configured and tested – allows you to add YouTube videos easily within pages.
  • Essential SEO configuration
  • Google Maps embedded on contact page (if required)
  • Integration with Google Analytics – so you can monitor visitor behaviour
  • Registration of sitemap with Google
  • Social sharing buttons to allow visitors to share your site content via Facebook, Twitter, and other key social sites.
  • Security settings configured
  • Basic WordPress usage instruction guide


Separate costs


You need to supply a hosting package for your site to live on (we can guide you through that because MANY web hosting packages are poorly configured). We can recommend hosting packages that cost $10/month, are hosted in Australia, and provide free 24/7 support. We also have a private list of Australian web hosting companies that we dissuade you from working with due to technical and customer service issues. A WordPress compliant hosting package includes PHP5.2+, access to MySQL database and at least 1 Gb of disc space.


You also need a domain name, or we can help you select and register one – they should cost you around $15 per year.


Some finer details


If you want your logo included in the template, you need to provide it electronically, or we can arrange creation of one inhouse or through external graphic designers.


If you want us to install initial content, to be agreed in our launch meeting, that needs to be provided electronically, ie in Word.


This quote covers initial setup. All subsequent maintenance of the website will be performed by you the client, or you can engage Baker Marketing or another WordPress-experienced service provider to oversee maintenance and/or further development. The beauty of WordPress is that it does NOT lock you in to any single service provider. That is a strong reason behind our support of WordPress. You need to be empowered, as the site owner, and have full control of hosting, domain names and content management.


Of course, you are welcome to follow other clients in using our WordPress Website Maintenance Plan. It is $35/month +GST for a standard, Baker Marketing-built website, or $45/month +GST for one with ecommerce. This also covers support queries during the 12-month contract.


NOTE: Many Baker Marketing clients adopt WordPress as their content management system after experiencing some WordPress training and that is why WordPress training is NOT included in this basic package. WordPress is very user-friendly and the supplied user guide, coupled with the vast array of video tutorials on YouTube, will most likely be all you need. However, arranging some one-on-one tuition with one of our inhouse experts can be invaluable and typically needs to be 90 minutes duration. Ask us during the enquiry process.


Bolt Ons


Your basic package can have a number of ‘bolt ons’ applied at any stage. These are all charged at fixed prices, depending on the time required for each and the complexity of settings involved. You discuss these in your initial planning meeting.


  • Customisable contact forms
  • Restaurant menus
  • Email blog subscription – allows visitors to sign up for your blog and have each article emailed automatically
  • E-commerce
  • Homepage Slider


More advanced sites


You can have a WordPress site do anything you can dream of. It all becomes a matter of cost.


Talk to us about your needs and we can scope them out and give you a quote.


What makes Baker Marketing the best choice for WordPress website development?


When you choose Baker Marketing as your WordPress website developer, your process starts with a marketing mindset, not with a bells-and-whistles mindset.


This gives you a huge advantage because most of your Search Engine visibility comes from getting sound marketing principles sorted out first, as we plan your information layout. That work is then magnified by choosing WordPress itself as your content management system. Quite frankly, we help you create content that search engines will find hard to ignore when your target market goes searching online!


This baked-in search engine optimisation means you can confidently ignore the hundreds of pestering SEO sales people who will pepper you with spam, trying to coax you out of monthly slabs of money because you will have that covered.


Another factor in favour of Baker Marketing is that your web project will be overseen by our Marketing Director, who is a sought-after speaker and thinker relating to WordPress as an online marketing tool. He is backed up by an inhouse team of WordPress ‘geeks’ who ‘make magic happen’. This means that when you are ready to develop your WordPress site from basic to advanced, or include some unique functionality, you have access to a brains trust that doesn’t rest until it has crafted a solution for you.