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White Paper Documents

White papers are a popular way to use factual data to inform your leads about what you sell, turning them into paying customers. They help you to increase your conversion rate as they are a technical, professional and informational document that presents the facts and evidence around why your product or service really works. This is perfect for you if you sell a technical product or service, have a long sales cycle and are dealing with B2B clients.

The Features

  • One-hour strategy session with our Researcher and Copywriter
  • In-depth research into your product and industry
  • Minimum 2000-word, keyword rich, white paper
  • Creatively designed document for you to use on your website and in your sales process

The Baker Marketing Process

STEP 1 – we will have a one-hour meeting, phone call or Skype call with you to go through some simple questions so we can get to know you, your brand and your white paper topic STEP 2 – our in-house Researcher and Copywriter will complete extensive research STEP 3 – we will put together the white paper content for your approval STEP 4 – if there are some changes to make then we will revise to your liking STEP 5 – we will create and send you your white paper to start sharing with your customers!

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