The Crows v Power Marketing Showdown

This is not your usual Monday blog post today, instead the Crows v Power Marketing Showdown is based on a chat I had with Mark Gamtcheff over lunch about the clubs’ logos.

If you’re thinking about branding or re-branding your business, having some cross-disciplinary discussions can be very helpful, at least in the early phases, so having a chance to pick a designer’s brain is something I often like to do because they “see” the world differently.

As a bonus, I shot this selfie-style, having left my tripod at home. I usually never shoot videos like these without tripods but I had heard about Emulsio, an app for removing shaking from videos and I thought I’d give that a run for the money at the same time.

The app did a pretty good job and I left the watermark in the final video so you can find its name easily. You can remove the watermark by paying $2.99.

The Crows v Power Marketing Showdown

Now, to the main fare.

Mark and I simply discuss the messaging in both logos and then get his neutral thoughts about which designs would be easier to work with.

We hope that sharing this impromptu discussion might help you with some of your considerations and discussions about branding.