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Graphic Design AdelaideGood graphic design can help your brand, marketing materials and online channels stand out from your rivals in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Great graphic design understands that your brand is an important asset and that all of your marketing materials need to reinforce that brand. Graphic design helps you to present your organisation in a coherent way to your target markets across all mediums, on and offline, and will result in more awareness, more leads, more sales and more profits.

What graphic design does your business need?

Graphic design is an important component to marketing for every organisation. The right approach to visual design is critical to make your marketing effective. Common graphic design needs include:

  • Design, layout and typography for corporate stationery
  • Marketing collateral including brochures, pamphlets and posters
  • Publications including annual reports, newsletters and catalogues
  • Point-of-sale material, packaging and displays
  • Signage and outdoor advertising
  • Photo-retouching and image manipulation
  • Website branding and graphics
  • Social media account profile and background images and sharable content
  • Infographics and visual content for online

Why use Baker Marketing for your graphic design needs?

At Baker Marketing, we have a team of experienced design professionals and a network of specialist providers in key design areas who can help you put your best foot forward visually.  More than just great design, our results come from a structured approach to graphic design:

  • Project Planning: We have a process for every graphic design project that ensure we get everything right the first time
  • Detailed Brief: We capture the purpose of each project and the details in a detailed brief
  • Directors Review: Our directors review every project for accuracy
  • Print Experts: We work with the best printers and print brokers to get you the best result at an affordable price
  • Rapid Delivery: We aim for a rapid turnaround on every project so your campaign is delivered on time
  • Trusted Suppliers: We draw on a network of trusted external suppliers to achieve the best results.

Want better design for your next marketing project?  Need a complete overhaul of how your brand is presented? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help you with graphic design!

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