Creative Development

Light Bulb Creative IdeaAt Baker Marketing, we treat creative development as a collaboration between our team’s marketing knowledge and your expertise on your business to create remarkable outcomes. We use ideas generation techniques that help us come up with the very best marketing ideas for your business, helping you stand out for all the right reasons. In addition to our graphic design, promotions and advertising services we can help with the development and implementing of other creative marketing needs including:

  • Product launches and product samples
  • Trade show stands
  • Direct mail and telesales campaigns
  • Audio-visual presentation
  • Podcasts and vidcasts
  • Networking events, training sessions and seminars
  • Guerilla marketing and ambush marketing
  • Creative outdoor installations
  • Bespoke projects

We use a range of creative development processes to ensure we deliver exceptional results tied to your marketing objectives. Every creative challenge is different, and every solution we offer is unique, which is why we also use a range of techniques in our creative development.

Idea Generation

Idea generation (also referred to as ideation) is the creative process Baker Marketing uses to find solutions to our clients’ marketing challenges. They key to many of these idea generation techniques is collaboration between our staff and you, our client.

By using a creative process to come up with many marketing ideas and then selecting those that are implementable and most likely to succeed, we can generate “out-of-the-box” concepts that can be game-changers for your marketing.


Brainstorming involves working in a group to generate a large number of solutions for a specific problem with an emphasis on quantity rather than quality. During a Baker Marketing brainstorming session ideas are not assessed for their merit so that people can put forward their ideas freely without fear of being criticised. Crazy, left-field ideas are encouraged. Once many ideas have been recorded, the group will work to analyse them and establish which are realistic solutions. Sometimes ideas are combined to create a blended solution. In “reverse brainstorming” we consider a marketing problem from a different perspective by exploring ideas that would achieve the opposite of their desired outcome.


When we do mindmapping, we start by writing a key phrase or word in the middle of the a blank page. Then, working as a group or separately as individuals, we add words representing ideas to the page and make connections between them using lines. Mind mapping helps to highlight connections that may not have previously been apparent, allowing new information and ideas to be discovered. We frequently use mindmapping to clarify the project components so we ensure we focus on the most important elements.


For the purposed of idea generation, storyboarding involves the creation of a visual story to explore concepts and represent information. At Baker Marketing we sometimes do storyboarding in a group situation, but other times work separately and regroup later to share discoveries. Storyboards are especially useful when we are considering processes such as a consumers purchase decision-making or how they could use a particular service and for multimedia presentation developments.

Role Playing

When Baker Marketing uses role playing for creative development, we invite clients and our own staff to take on a the personality or role of someone else. The person could be a member of a target market, an existing customer or a salesperson in a retail environment. This is a fun technique that allows participants to better understand the needs of the people we are trying to serve, which leads to the generation of unexpected results and novel marketing ideas.

Daydreaming and Idea Incubation

Although not a highly-valued pastime in business circles, daydreaming is actually a fantastic way to trigger great ideas. Daydreaming brings on a state that is uninhibited and allows for playful thought processes. The process of idea incubation involves taking a break from the problem at hand and concentrating on other things while the mind subconsciously continues to work on the idea. Both daydreaming and idea incubation are used to support other forms of creative development.

Stuck with a creative problem and no solution? Need an experienced marketer’s help to weigh the viability of your creative idea? Contact Baker Marketing to discuss how we can help come up with new, creative ways for you to market your products and services!

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