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Creative Services

In marketing, ‘creative services’ can mean many things. Whether you are looking for visual design, unique promotions and events, or simply better ways of cutting through the noise to improve the effectiveness of your marketing, generating new ideas can help keep your marketing and business moving forward.

Getting and keeping positive attention relies on your business having a distinctive brand that expresses your unique proposition and communicating effectively with your target market  through messages targeted to their needs. It also needs to be kept fresh and delivered in the format that will best achieve your objectives.

That’s why Baker Marketing offers a range of creative marketing solutions, custom developed for you to take your brand and business to the next level.

Creative services at Baker Marketing

At Baker marketing, we know the best ideas come from minds working together. That’s why our consultants, designers and creatives work together to combine marketing strategy into every creative project. This combination of strategic marketing and design expertise provides amazing synergies for better outcomes, helping you capture the hearts and minds of your consumers.

All our creative services are tied to the goal of helping you achieve your key marketing objectives and supported by project management to save you time, avoid headaches and ensure smooth execution of even the most creatively ambitious undertakings.

Our service areas include:

Not sure how to improve the impact of your marketing campaigns? Looking for help with a new project? Our friendly and creative team would be happy to discuss your needs and find the right solution for you!

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More Ideas

Brilliant solutions perfect for your business that combine the art & science of marketing.


From developing your corporate identity to creating knock-out logos, we can help with all your branding needs.

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