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Logo Design

  Your logo is an opportunity to visually express your brand identity and build your brand’s visual appeal. Through colour, shape and logotype Baker Marketing will bring your brand to life and make you more to appealing to customers! This is perfect for you if you are a start-up or need to refresh an out of date logo.

The Features

  • One-hour strategy session with our marketing experts
  • Two logo design options to choose from
  • An opportunity to revise the logo design

The Baker Marketing Process

  • STEP 1 – we will have a one-hour meeting, phone call or Skype call with you to go through some simple questions, so we can get to know you, your brand and your needs
  • STEP 2 – our in-house graphic designer will come up with two new logo designs
  • STEP 3 – we will present these options to you and get your feedback. If you love one, or more, great!
  • STEP 4 – if there are some changes to make then our designer will revise the design to your liking
  • STEP 5 – we will provide you with the files to start using your new logo

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Click the button below to arrange a complimentary consultation with a member of the Baker Marketing team. We can assess if your business would benefit from a new Logo or if there’s a better option for your business success!

Graphic Design Inspiration From The Team At Baker Marketing

Good Graphic Design Vs Great Graphic Design

Often at the root of great design is an understanding of basic design principles. These principles are what students learn about at design school. They come naturally to most designers but aren’t often consciously considered by the experienced designer

Graphic Designers Need to Embrace Strategic Thinking Too!

Unfortunately, some graphic designers approach their work in a way which doesn’t really take their clients’ marketing strategy into account. A great graphic designer can find a balance between their own creativity, what the client wants and what their consumers’ needs, and the path to success is some strategic thinking.

WordPress website on the wall, who is the prettiest one of all?

Humans are indeed attracted to items of beauty, except when they have something important to get done. The most fundamental question we all need to consider before commissioning or reviewing a website, is what purpose will it play in our marketing?

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